Maybe I’ll just start a blog


I’m at a small sushi bar in downtown Frankfurt with my sister having our usual Thursday night dinner. Except this night is not going to be just a normal night. This night I’m going to make an announcement that will astonish her, that will surprise her and maybe even leave her speechless.
“Today at the cafeteria, hillbilly girl asked me what gnocchi were”, my sister giggles.
“Seriously? Everybody knows what gnocchi are!” I say, shaking my head in disbelief. Then we both laugh until our stomachs hurt and I almost choke on a peace of rice.
“Aaaah, I just love hillbilly girl”, I say, holding my stomach. “I don’t think I’d be able to work at all if she was my workmate. I’d just sit there and laugh all day.”
I try to pick up a tuna nigiri, my favourite, but  I’m already so full of anticipation that my chopsticks are shaking.
“I’m going to start a blog”, I finally blurt out, not being able to stand the tension any longer.
My sister swallows even though there’s no food in her mouth and gives me a blank look.
“You’ve wanted to start a blog before”, she replies dryly.
“That’s not true”, I want to protest.
But then I realize that she is right. I did want to start a blog before – about eating weird and disgusting stuff from all over the world and writing about it. When I was living in Japan, I was known for not being scared of trying new things. Raw liver, fermented soy beans, grasshoppers, pig’s anus and esophagus – I’ve tried them all and I’m not lying when I say that I even liked them (well, except for the esophagus). So I thought, I’d use this incredible skill for creating a blog. I got all excited about it and even started to make a list of all the exotic food I could try. But then I realized how hard it would actually be to get hold of all that stuff. After all I’m back home in Germany now – the country of bratwurst, sauerkraut and the best beer in the world. So I put the blog into my box of discarded ideas where it joined the 3 screenplays and 2 books that I had meant to write and tossed away at some point.
“I’m serious this time”, I insist.
My sister sighs knowing very well that I won’t let go until she finally asks me:
“What is it going to be about?”
I’m looking at the piece of tuna sashimi I’m now gracefully balancing on my chopsticks.
“Maybeland”, I simply reply looking at the fish’s red flesh that is sparkling in the candle light.
I can see a huge question mark appearing on my sisters forehead, so I continue:
“It’s going to be about all the maybes in life. And how to turn them into for sures”, I say.
The rest she will have to find out on her own. And so do you. (^_^)/”


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  1. Love it! Liebe Nicole, Dein blog sounds fantastic. Du schreibst wonderful. Weiter so…:-) Nadine

  2. Hi! Found out about your blog through Nadines post on facebook. I love it too! Keep it up, I want to know more! All the best wishes ….and keep em comin! Sonja in Sheffield x

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