One person can make a change


A couple of weeks ago I was waiting for the bus to take me home after a hectic day at work. I was deep in thought pondering on names for the blog I was planning to start. I had come up with a couple of ideas, but none of them really seemed to capture what I had in mind. As music always helps me to get ideas flowing, I was listening to my favourite Japanese rock band, Radwimps, on my iPod, when suddenly a man appeared right next to me. I jumped with fright and shrieked a little
“I’m sorry”, the stranger apologised, obviously amused by the shock he gave me.
“It’s alright. I just didn’t hear you coming”, I said, feeling a little embarrased.
“I just wanted to ask if bus number 45 has departed yet.”
“I don’t think so. But I didn’t really pay attention.”
“Well, thank you anyway. And sorry again”, he said with a smile and left.
And suddenly there it was. Out of nowhere a word had formed in my head and I knew that it was exactly what I had been looking for all along: Maybeland.

This little episode got me thinking about how a single person can actually make a difference in our lifes. Clearly, coming up with a name for a blog isn’t a world-shattering event that is going to change my life forever (or is it?). But if this man hadn’t scared me, I probably wouldn’t be sitting here writing a blog about Maybeland. Plus, there have been people that actually did change my life in a significant way – and they might not even know about it.

3 years ago I went on a group tour through Japan. While travelling from bustling cities to remote villages for 2 weeks, I made new friends and fell in love with Japan – and my tour guide. Being the late bloomer that I am, it wasn’t until the last day of the trip that I actually made a move on him – and surprisingly succeeded. Unfortunately, I had only one weekend left until I had to take my flight back home. And before I knew it, I found myself sitting on a plane back to Frankfurt, full of unforgettable memories, confused and lovestruck. Back home, I tried my best to readjust to my old life. But somehow I had changed. So much so that I didn’t fit into it anymore. And I was ok with it. I had been unsatisfied with my job, the city I lived in, just the whole direction my life was headed to for a while and I had considered the thought of spending some time abroad more than once. I was almost 26, I had joined the working life right after uni and now had a safe job that I was actually good at – but was that really enough? Did I want to go down that path just yet? No! And that fling I had was a chance. A chance to make a change.

Now you might just think that I was a fool for wanting to give up my whole life for a person I barely knew. That my feelings impaired my otherwise reasonable judgement. And I would tell you that you sound just like my mom. And that I was well aware that I was chasing after a soap bubble that would sooner or later burst – somewhere deep down. And when it did, when suddenly that guy ignored me on Skype and didn’t reply to my e-mails anymore after I had focused my whole life on him, I was devastated, sad and angry. But after the pain had faded, there was still something there. A dream that had survived and was waitingfor me to make it come true. So I did. And when I was sitting on the plane to Tokyo just 6 months after my first trip and I saw majestic Mt. Fuji glowing in the light of dawn, I knew that I had made the right decision.

So thank you, Dan!

Have you ever had a person change your life? Share your story in the comments!


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