I have never… been to a rock concert


“Oh my God, I’m so excited”, I scream while I’m following my friend who is skillfully navigating us through a huge concert hall in Frankfurt where we are about to see one of our favourite bands perform. Unlike me, my friend is a pro concert-goer, so we have no trouble finding our seats.
“Wow”, I say as we step out on the balcony and I see the thousands of people standing in the crowd below us.
“Do you want a beer?”, my friend asks.
“Yes”, I want to yell, but I’m afraid my voice would shake from the excitement, so I simply nod.
I sit down, but I start to feel uncomfortable after a couple of seconds, so I get up again.
“I’m at a rock concert”, I think to myself. “I’m not just gonna sit down like an old lady. I’m gonna dance and jump and freakin’ scream.”
I start to jump up and down a little to prepare my body for the tremendous amount of exercise it’s going to experience for the next couple of hours.
My friend returns with the beer and I’m taking a huge gulp to calm me down a little.
“She doesn’t sit down either”, I think. “I did the right thing, like a real pro.”
While we watch the clip that is shown on the huge screens next to the stage for the 28th time, someone suddenly taps me on my shoulder. I turn around.
“Are you going to stand throughout the whole concert?”, this lad asks me.
“Erm, probably, yeah”, I reply, wondering if he’s trying to hit on us. But then he starts to get this rude tone in his voice:
“Well, then you should have bought tickets down there.” He points at the crowd below.
“Relax, man. This is a rock concert, after all. Noone’s gonna stay seated once the show starts”, I reply calmly, trying to stay serious.
“I will talk to a staff member if you don’t sit down”, he shouts and stomps off.
We hesitate, not sure what to do. We sit down reluctantly. Suddenly, there is a weird feeling in my guts. This guy is about to ruin everything. But then my friend starts to giggle and I can’t help but join in.
“Unbelievable”, I say. We’re shaking with laughter for a while. Then the lights turn off.
When 30 Seconds to Mars finally enter the stage the crowd goes wild. Me and my friend jump off our seats and start moving to the music. So does everyone around us. I turn around and see the lad, standing. I grin.

Honestly, I don’t know why I hardly ever go to concerts. I LOVE music. I listen to it everyday. On the commute to work, at home, when I go shopping. I always carry my iPod around and if I forget it, there’s always a song playing in my head. There’s probably nothing more powerful than music. It can make a bad day look a lot less worse. And it can make a bright day even brighter. I think, it can even change the way you look at things, at your life. It can make things happen. And that night I went to see 30 Seconds to Mars something happened to me.
Jared Leto (who by the way is the freakin’ hottest badass I’ve ever seen) sang: “And I swear to God, I will find myself in the end.”
And I thought: “Yes, I will!”
He sang: “Did you ever believe? Were you ever a dreamer?”
And I thought: “Hell yeah, I am!”
He sang: “I will never forget.”
And I sang: “No, no!”
He sang: “I will never regret.”
And I shouted: “No, no!”, waving my arm up and down with the beat.
He sang: “I will live my life.”
And I scremed with all my heart: “No, no, no, no!”
Because that’s what I’m going to do. I will live my life! I tend to have lots of ideas and dreams. Some of them might be silly. Some of them might be great. Some of them might even be achievable. I even start to explore some of them, but almost always a voice appears in my head at some point. Saying that what I’m doing is stupid, that it’s not good enough and that there really is no point in doing it. Sometimes I can fight the rising doubts for a while, but many times they just win and I quit. Or I don’t even dare to start.
But I have come up with a plan: The next time I’m starting to doubt myself, I will think back to that concert. I will think back to how awesome it was to witness something so inspiring and great, something that united thousands of strangers for a couple of hours. Because Jared is right: We are the kings and queens!

This post is the start of the “I have never…”-series in which I’m going to do things I have never done before. Because I didn’t dare, because I didn’t have the time to or just because I was too lazy. I believe that doing new things can be a great inspiration and a good way to get a new perspective on things. And apart from that: it’s just great fun!


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  1. I love your blog!!!
    Thanks for the good thoughts coming up in my head and feeling in my belly when thinking of concerts I have been to (and I am a pro 😉 been to more than 50) and the feelings that stayed with me whenever I listen to the songs again after….
    Thanks a lot and have a good day! x

  2. Thanks, Sonja! That’s exactly what I intended with this post :). Wow, 50 concerts is a lot. I wonder if I’ll ever make it to that number. Gonna buy tickets for Snow Patrol next. Exciting!
    Nadine: Had to think of you a lot when I was writing this post. I learned a lot from you when it comes to following your dreams 🙂

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