Just an ordinary Christmas


It’s the 24th of December. There’s a smell of fresh coffee and buns in the air and our breakfast table is overflowing with different sorts of homemade jam, cheese, orange juice and other delicious things. My Dad is reading the newspaper while my Mum, my sister and I chat about what’s been going on in our lifes.
“Oh, I cut out this article for you about a girl who wrote a book about finding the man of her dreams. I thought it might be interesting for you as… you know”, my Mum says. She disappears somewhere in the back of the house and comes back with a piece of newspaper.
“She’s done a lot of online and blind dating and she really did find a guy in the end”, my Mum adds while I’m scimming through the text.
“Ha!”, I exclaim. “Now that she’s in a relationship she’s writing a book about all the problems she has to deal with.”
“What kind of problems?”, asks my sister who unlike me isn’t single, but has been in a stable relationship for the past 2 years.
“Like him leaving his socks everywhere”, I reply.
“Oh yeah, that’s a common problem”, my sister says knowingly.
“Your father is no exception”, my mother adds.
My father suddenly looks up from his newspaper. “What!?”
My sister and me are holding our breaths. We have reached a critical point in our breakfast conversation which is going to decide about peace and war on this holy day.
“I just said that you’re always leaving your clothes lying around in the bed room”, my Mum starts her assault.
“What kind of clothes?”, my Dad asks with a slightly aggressive undertone in his voice.
“These white shirts you’re always wearing underneath.”
“I only put them on the chair at night, so I can wear them again the next day.”
“No, that’s not true. Sometimes there’s shirts lying around for a week. And they’d still be there if I didn’t put them in the laundry basket.”
“When did that ever happen?”
“Just last week there were at least 3 shirts piled up on the chair.”
“Which chair?”
“The chair next to your bed.”
“There were never more than 2 shirts on that chair.”
“No, no. I do remember quite well that it was 3 shirts because I put them in the laundey basket.”
My Dad gasps loudly. Then he goes back to reading his newspaper. It’s just an ordinary Christmas with my family.

I hope you’re all enjoying a lovely Chrismas time with your family. No matter if it’s quiet and peaceful or a little hectic and exhausting (like mine). Our family is the place we’re coming from, they’re the people that define a big part of who we are. And even if we evolve into completely different directions, they will always be there for us. And even if sometimes I can’t show how much I appreciate them and they’ve driven me crazy more than once, I’m happy to spend these days together with them.

Merry Christmas to all of you!


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