Postponed dreams


When I was on my very first walk to work since my move to Frankfurt last week, I realized something. I looked at the river on my left and the skyscrapers on my right and I realized that this was just another dream come true. It might not be the biggest or brightest one in my oversized bag of dreams, but still it is something that has turned from a wish into reality.

When I was on job hunt after returning from Japan, Frankfurt was definitely number one on my list of cities I wanted to live in. Not that it’s particularly standing out from other big cities in Germany. But I had lived in the farther area before which meant that I still knew some people who lived there. And while it is far from being a metropolis, it seemed like an acceptable option for someone who had just returned from Tokyo. A lot of people say thatFrankfurt is a village that dresses like a big city – and I actually believe it’s true. But with a decent amount of tall buildings, business people who consider themselves the most important species on earth and an exciting variety of bars, cafes, clubs and shops you can at least pretend to be in a big city. Plus, after living with my parents for 2 months in the town I spent the first 2 decades of my life – which is literally in the middle of nowhere, a lovely, peaceful middle of nowhere I can usually only endure for a weekend – Frankfurt actually was my personal Tokyo.

I’d had a job interview in Frankfurt, but before a decision had been made I got offered my old job back and took it as it seemed like the best option at the time. I thought about the possibility to still move to Frankfurt and to commute for an hour minimum everyday, but quickly decided against it. So the dream of the big city went back into the bag, but it wasn’t forgotten. I still had my fair amount of Frankfurt during the past 2 years, especially when my sister lived here for a couple of months last year. It had always been clear to me that the job situation would only by a temporary solution and that one day I would look for another chance to find a place to work in Germany’s banking capital. But I didn’t even have to. My new job found me, an unexpected surprise I welcomed with open arms for different reasons.

So now – after 2 months of annoying train and bus rides to work which stole at least 3 hours of my time everyday – I have finally arrived. And I have probably been the most relaxed person in the world ever since. No more forcing my body to wake up at a time it still considers as night. No more time checking of every single move I’m making in order to not miss the bus. No more stalker guy. No more rushing at work in order to get the earlier train and no more killing time in the office because the next train only leaves in 30 minutes. Now it doesn’t matter anymore if I stay in bed for just 10 more minutes. I can take a relaxed 30 minute stroll by the river to work if I want to. Or I can take the train if I’m lazy or too tired because I stayed up too late. I have time to go out after work because I’m not a sleep-deprived zombie anymore and I can still catch a decent amount of sleep. I hope that I will be able to appreciate the time I won back. I’m having a lot of ideas in my head I want to pursue – and posting here more often is definitely ranking high on my list ;). I also can’t wait to explore this city. To actually lead a social life again which I have been shamelessly neglecting lately. I just can’t wait!

So as you see, sometimes it’s the little dreams that can make you happy. And sometimes you just have to wait for the right time. Some things need a while until they can be turned into reality. Sometimes they even do so by themselves. If they don’t, be sure to check that bag of dreams once in a while and see what happened over time. I actually had to postpone another dream of mine due to my move here: buying an electric guitar. I spent so much money on the move I can’t afford it right now. Instead, I dream about it frequently. When I close my eyes I can feel it in my hands, I can feel my fingers stroking the strings and I can hear the music I’m going to play. One day in the not so distant future I am going to own that electric guitar. It’s going to be red and shiny. Hell, I can’t wait for that day!


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