InspiraShot: On top of the world


So I’ve decided to add a new category to this blog. Tadaaa *drumroll*: I present you the first edition of “InspiraShots”.

“Inspira-what?”, you’re probably asking. So here’s a little explanation: You know how I love some good inspiration, right. For my music, my blog and pretty much anything that can be created. I’m always looking for things that inspire me. And the great thing is that inspiration can be found pretty much everywhere around us. In the streets we’re walking everyday, in nature, in books, movies and music. In the past, I draw inspiration for my songs from a run in the woods, my boss pissing me off, an amazing friend of mine and an opera concert, among others. It’s really an amazing thing! So let the creativity flow, people!

This was taken on top of Maintower, with 200m one of the tallest buildings in Frankfurt. To be honest, I’m not a big fan of heights. When I’m standing close to the edge I always feel a weird urge to jump off deep, deep down. Creepy! But I love the feeling of being high above all other things and to look as far in the distance as I can. It puts things in a completely different perspective. When I was up there, it almost felt like everything was possible. The sky is the limit, right! 🙂

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