InspiraShot: Blooming


Today is my first day of a 2 week holiday. Since the last couple of weeks have been kinda stressful and I’ve been feeling pretty worn out, I decided to take things slowly. Instead of running errands or going shopping like I usually do on Saturdays, I took a stroll to a park that’s just a short walk from where I live. I sat down on a bench, breathed, enjoyed the sunshine and started reading a Haruki Murakami novel. It was a perfect afternoon just by myself. I love this park because with it’s beautiful flowers growing everywhere it reminds me of my grandma’s garden and the happy summers I spent there, watering plants and picking strawberries. Even though everything is developing well regarding both my job (I passed probation period) and my private adventures (we had a band rehearsal with a drummer for the very first time), I feel like I’ve lost track a little lately. That’s why I want to use those 2 weeks to finally get back on track, to surround myself with people and activities I love. So I can start blooming again – like the flowers in that garden.


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