InspiraShot: Poetry with Harry Baker


Hey, I’m back from Scotland! What a great trip that was. I’ll tell you more about it later as I’m busy with visiting a music festival this weekend. Until then I want to leave you with a little glimpse at my adventures and the inspiration I took home with me from bonny Scotland.

We were lucky enough to be in Edinburgh (or Edinbro! as I like to call it) for the fabolous Fringe festival, totally not on purpose, but it was just so amazing. So amazing that I’ll be definitely back next year. It’s the biggest arts festival in the world and that’s what you get everywhere: amazing, inspiring art that blows you off your feet. On every street corner you can find artists performing music, comedy, theatre, dance and the likes and there are a bazillion of shows in venues all around the city. One day we stumbled into a bar that used to be a church and found Harry Baker performing his poetry on stage. Me and my sister were hooked from the first minute. I have to admit that I haven’t seen many poets perform in my life so far, but this just has to be pretty much the best thing you can get in that genre right now. He’s an incredible artist with words and I like the hip hop style of his lyrics (yes, I was totally into hip hop in the 90s). And him telling about his adventures at uni and the Worldcup of poetry or turning Ed Sheeran’s “A team” into a song about deserts is just priceless. I mean how can you not lie on the ground from laughing at lines like “every day’s a sundae for us”, “it’s too cold outside for Angel Delight” or my personal favourite “you’re muffin to me”? Luckily enough Harry performed two shows each day, so we were sure to check one of them out the next day. My highlight definitely was when he performed a presentation he had to do for his German class – rap style of course. I don’t think he expected someone in the crowd to understand any of it, but it was so, so funny! Especially when he showed off his pink pullover and yellow tights while rapping about it. You just rock in Strumpfhosen, Harry!

I’m really glad we got to experience so many inspiring things on our trip. I can already feel creativity flowing again and I can’t wait to start creating. I’m pretty sure Harry’s gonna make it big, so be sure to check out his YouTube channel for more hilarous poems. He also has a Twitter and a Facebook page. So check them out and support the arts, my friends!


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