Monthly Archives: September 2012

InspiraShot: Love who you are


Here’s a little something I found at a wee shop in Edinburgh during my holiday. I instantly fell in love with it and now it is filling the empty spot on the wall over the desk in my bedroom.

It might sound cheesy, but I’ve always found that loving yourself is the key to life, or at least one of them. To be confident about yourself, to be proud, to stand by the person you are – all this makes life a lot easier. It also means to accept imperfection and the mistakes you make on your way. I was having a hard time loving myself when I was younger, especially during my teenage years. Probably like the majority of people at that age. Luckily, it got a lot easier once I hit my mid-20s. Now I more than often feel like loving who I am is not the hard part. The hard part is actually to BE who you are. I’m trying really hard these days. Over the past couple of weeks I feel that life is rushing way ahead of me again and all I can do is try to catch up with it while holding all ends together. I’m being pushed in roles I’m reluctant to play anymore, but I know I have to. Until it all hopefully calms down again for a bit. What’s really holding me together right now are the times where I get to be myself. When I’m writing this blog and when I’m thinking about things I want to share here. There are a lot of things on my mind that I just didn’t have the time to write down, but hopefully soon will. And more than anything else, when I’m making, writing or listening to music. That’s a 100% me and I’m grateful for that. So, when I look at that picture, it reminds me of all those things that make me me.

How about you?