InspiraShot: My new baby


So you know how I’ve been talking about getting an electric guitar for ages? I’ve been dreaming about getting one ever since I started taking guitar lessons almost a year ago. But then I had to spend a fortune on moving to my new apartment. And when I had financially recovered from that I wanted to go on a holiday. There were a million other things I had to spent money on, but 2 weeks ago I finally made my way to the music store to take my new baby home. Of course, I had asked my guitar expert friends about which model would be best for me, because honestly I wouldn’t have had a clue. All I knew was that I wanted it to be red. But that’s probably not the best factor to base your purchase on, right? They did have the model I wanted in red available, so I played it at the shop for a bit. I guess it didn’t quite speak for my guitar skills when the shop clerk said: “We’ve had people that played worse than you”, when I apologized for my horrible try at The All-American Rejects’ Kids in the Street. But who cares. I fell in love with this guitar from the first chord I played on it and I was barely able to put it out of my hand for the first couple of days I owned it. Now playing is so much more fun than on my Dad’s old acoustic guitar. I hope it’s going to be a motivation for me to practice more often. Because that’s really a problem. I’m certainly not the most talented person and more than often my fingers are not doing what I want them to, but I know I could be so much better if I just practiced more regularly. Finding time is a big problem, but sometimes I’m also just lazy. So, prepare yourself, neighbours! It might get a little noisier downstairs from now on. Rock on!


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