I have never… been on a mission


Wow, I just came back from a really amazing weekend! Which was related to my favourite band (30 Seconds to Mars). To the lead singer (Jared Leto) to be exact. If you’re a regular reader of my blog, you probably know about my passion for this band by now. And how much their music and their messages have influenced my life. It might sound cheesy and you don’t have to understand it, but I know that I definitely wouldn’t be doing what I am doing now, with my music and everything, if it wasn’t for them. I wouldn’t have had the guts to just do my thing no matter what other people think about it. They showed me a completely different mindset, a whole new universe – and I know that this has happened to a lot of people.

So, a while ago I was talking to a friend who is a painter and designs amazing t-shirts which are inspired by Mars’ music and we came up with the idea that we want to give the guys something back. A piece of our art. As a thank you to show them how inspiring their work is for us. I do know that they get a lot of gifts from people, but somehow it felt important to me. It’s my only way to express my gratitude. Then a couple of weeks ago we found out that Jared would attend the UNESCO charity gala in Düsseldorf. At first we were joking about how we’d go there and give him a CD and a shirt. Then a discussion on the band’s forum came up about how much fun it would be to go there and have a little meet-up and to just see what happens. And so this Saturday I found myself in Düsseldorf with my friend and a girl from the board who had come over from Brussels. The trip would have been well worth it just to hang out with these great people. But it got even better.

When we arrived at the hotel where the gala was taking place in the afternoon, we just walked in and positioned ourselves right by the red carpet and even saw some semi-famous German people walking past. But of course we got sent outside after a while because we didn’t have a room at the hotel. I was almost convinced that now we wouldn’t have a chance to get anywhere near Jared. But surprisingly there was only a small crowd of maybe 40 people waiting outside. Most of them were Mars fans of course. The amount of fangirls and weirdos seemed to be really small luckily, but still waiting wasn’t too much fun since the German weather had suddenly decided to skip autumn and move straight on to winter. I somehow managed to shove myself right in front of the barrier, so I was in the best possible position to hand over my gift. Me and the guys really put some effort into making a proper demo of 3 of our songs. We spent the whole previous weekend recording and the guys were really enthusiastic about it, so I felt I owed it to them to get this done.

My excitement grew a lot when the first cars were arriving and people I had a hard time recognizing or didn’t know at all were walking past us on the red carpet. When the sun went down it got really cold and I couldn’t stop shivering. My hands were really stiff from the cold because I was clinging to my CD and my friend’s shirt. But then Jared finally arrived. Some people were going a little crazy, ran straight towards him and surrounded him while he made his way through the crowd. I know that he must be used to this, but I couldn’t help but feel a little sorry for him. And I was worried he’d get pissed off by those rude people and just run inside. But he’s Jared after all, so he didn’t. He patiently signed stuff, took photos and chatted to people. He made sure that everybody got their chance. It was amazing! And then he was suddenly standing in front of me. I thought I would be completely nervous, not being able to utter a sound, but he’s a human after all. So I gave him my CD and the shirt and said a couple of words about it which he probably didn’t listen to. He said: Wunderbar! and moved on. And I was beyond happy! I really did it!

I have no idea what happened to that CD. He might never listen to it or read the message I included. But then again it doesn’t matter. I took a chance and that feels awesome. I even managed for my CD to be shown on TV without showing my face ;). I made memories that day. And that’s all that counts.


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