My life on Mars


Today is kind of a special day for me. One year ago today I went to a concert of a certain band. And I found the entrance to a whole new universe. Over the past year, I’ve tried to tell quite a lot of people what happened to me that night. How it affected the course that my life took from there. But most of the time all I got was strange looks or people pretending to understand when they clearly didn’t. But that’s ok. I guess only people who’ve experienced something similar do understand. And frankly, sometimes it’s even hard for me to understand what actually happened that night. Something in the music I heard, in the air we all breathed that night spoke to me. In a big way. And suddenly I could see clear. A lot of things in my life suddenly made sense and I knew what  I had to do. I had to start to live life on my terms. Because that’s the only way to lead a happy and fulfilled life. And that’s what I did.

I also discovered a totally new side of music. It’s not like I didn’t listen to music properly before. But I discovered that music could actually by a mighty form of communication. A vehicle to transport ideas and beliefs. And that because of that, music could be so much more than just music. And that’s what it became for me. I discovered music as my very own way of expressing myself. My passion. And that’s probably one of the greatest things I have ever been able to discover in my life. In the past year, I went from the girl that secretly writes songs in her bedroom and is dreaming of turning them into something real with the help of other musicians to being the singer of something you could actually call a band. I’ve written 6 songs so far that we’re working on and while we’re still looking for other people to make us complete as a band, I am convinced that this is the start of something great and very special. This is more than just a band. For me, this is my reinvention and it, too, is way more than just music.

Looking back now I can’t help but feel like this has to be fate. I know that it was me who set my mind to this. But still. Over the past year, I’ve met so many great, amazing, inspiring people that are a part of my life now. It feels a little bit like living the dream. I’m so grateful for that. So thank you, 30 Seconds to Mars. And thank you to all the people that do understand.


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