My year in concerts (Part 1)


As an avid reader of my blog, you might have noticed my passion for music – and live concerts in particular. My passion – or should I say addiction? – has been in full bloom this year. So much so that when I told people I was going to see this or that band their most commom reaction was: “Yet another concert?”. Followed by a judgemental look. The fact that I went to most shows on my own for lack of live music loving friends made me look even more like a weirdo. But whatever. The reason why I love going to concerts so much is not just the joy of listening to music that is happening live in front of your own eyes and ears. It’s the whole mind-blowing experience. A good concert makes you forget about all the negativity in life. It’s just that one moment that counts. Being right there, right now. Feeling, breathing, thinking just music. Together with thousands of other people. That’s what it’s all about. It’s the same feeling I get when I make music myself, just on a different level. So, since 2012 – and maybe even the world – is quickly coming to an end and there are no more shows I can look forward to this year, I’d like to do a little recap of my adventures. I’ve actually been to so many shows that I feel they deserve not one, but two posts. So enjoy and be inspired!

Snow Patrol

I’ve been a fan of Snow Patrol ever since I heard “Chasing Cars” on my then favourite TV show Grey’s Anatomy. Back in 2007, I listened to “Eyes Open” on a daily basis for months. It helped me through a time in my life when I felt kinda lost and confused. I usually listen to music that’s a bit more rock these days, but still their concert was amazing. I loved the venue which was not too big and very wide, so you practically had a good view of the stage from everywhere. Since I always like to be close to where the fun happens, we ended up in the 2nd row on the side of the stage, surrounded by the most boring people in the world. Seriously, how can you not at least sway a teeny bit when there’s live music happening right in front of you? Anyway, I had a blast. I sang my heart out. I danced. I jumped. And made the guitarist laugh at me (find the full story here). I’d call it a success!


This band has been pretty big in Germany this year. Rap mixed with rock and witty lyrics – sounded like something for me, so I bought their album – and really liked it. And when I like something I have to see it live. Luckily, they were playing a small show in my city. Since the show was supposed to be taped for TV, the doors hadn’t opened yet when I arriced due to preparations still going on. I strategically placed myself right next to one of the doors – and managed to get into the front row. I stayed in the corner though, so the cameras couldn’t quite get me. Worked pretty well! The boys put on a hell of a show, the crowd was going mental, there were mosh pits and a wall of death. Pretty awesome! I also seem to have dramatically raised the average age that night, but who cares.

Blink 182

Those were the heroes of my youth! So no question I had to go and see them when they made their way to Frankfurt in early summer. That night was moments full of flashbacks. I traveled back in time to my 17 year-old me who was just about to explore the world. It was both a happy and a hard time for me. Feeling so grown-up and cool in one moment and so lost and insecure the next. Looking back that night, I felt like I finally understood a lot of the undefinable feelings I had back then. And so I sang and danced my heart out until I couldn’t anymore.

The All-American Rejects

I saw AAR as one of the support bands of Blink 182 and was so impressed by their performance I had to see them again. Luckily, they were playing a show just 2 weeks later in Munich where I travel to for work on a regular basis. The show was at a small venue that only fits 1000 people and was only half full which totally added to the experience. It even made me forget about the 14 year-old girls surrounding me. Somehow I seem to have a thing for bands that attract younger girls ;). Ok, I have to say, their lead singer is kinda hot, but what really impressed my about their performance at both times is how genuine and honest it is. I think what makes a good live show is music that touches people, that makes you believe that the people in front of you are in it with their hearts and their souls. I really hope AAR will come back to Europe some time soon, because I’d love to see them again.

So much for part 1 of my recap. Did you see any great bands this year? Feel free to share. I’d really love to hear your stories!


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