InspiraShot: The board of motivation



A while ago my co-worker had the idea to start decorating the afwully white whiteboard in our office. Since I might have been a teeny bit unmotivated, we came up with the idea to put up some motivational quotes. And here is the result! I have to say that it does help to look at it from time to time. And I’m definitely gonna need some motivation tomorrow which marks my last work day of the year. There are some nasty tasks waiting for me that I’ve been avoiding to touch. And a messy desk that is in desperate need of being cleaned up. But then there’s 2 weeks of Christmas holidays ahead. I can’t wait!

Btw, you see the pic on the top left? That’s our preliminary band logo. And a decent one is hopefully still gonna follow this year. Oh, and my favourite qoute is the one on the top right. It’s actually the only one I personally chose to hang on that board:

If you’re willing to walk the path of a dreamer
anything is possible (Jared Leto)

Because it’s true! 2012 is my personal proof for it. More on that later. Got any motivational quotes? Feel free to share them.


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