Urban hiking



It’s the beginning of the year – time to make some awesome plans. One thing the boyfriend and me are planning to do this year is to spend more time outdoors. When I was a kid, I spent most of my free time outside. I grew up in a small town with a lot of green space around and back then I didn’t care if it was hot or freezing, sunny or rainy. I just loved being outside. Today, I’m spending most of my time in an office building and like now, in winter time, I prefer the warmth of my cozy home over the outdoors. I do spend quite a lot of time outside in my free time in summer, but mostly within the city. I haven’t been in the nature much since I moved to Frankfurt which I think is a shame. Because there’s actually a lot of green space here.  Who would’ve thunk! Last week I went to the bookshop and bought a guide about the so called “green belt” of Frankfurt which surrounds the city. I was really surprised at how much nature there’s actually to discover around here. Would you believe that we even have a dune here? Amazing!

To start off with our outdoor plans, me and the boyfriend went on a little stroll around the East Harbour area last weekend. Not exactly nature (we want to spare this for the sunnier days), but I have a thing for industrial, deserted looking areas, so we had a lot of fun exploring it. Here are some impressions from our little walk. Be prepared for a lot more awesome pics once spring arrives. 🙂


The new European Central Bank building in the making

491Some art along the way


Looking back at the city

494Following the tracks


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  1. Love to hear that greenbelts are taking over the globe. Austin Texas has developed amazing greenbelts. I on the other hand still live where old growth forests exist!

  2. Well, it does have it’s ugly sides, but there’s also plenty of awesome places. I love the skyscrapers a lot because it’s a rare sight in Germany.

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