Last week I received something pretty exciting: our first band shirt! It’s only a prototype so far. We still need to do some adjustments regarding the colour of the logo and such, but still you can get a pretty good glimpse at what it’s gonna look like one day. It’s a sign that things are moving forward, even though they’re not. We were actually hoping that the new year would bring some new musicians willing to join us, but so far our efforts haven’t brought any results. There is still a drummer pending who rehearsed with us once and said he’d like to meet again, but hasn’t gotten back to us in a while. I’m still hoping he’s gonna come around because I think things would work pretty well with him, both musically and personally. And then there’s the neverending challenge of finding a bass player. Sigh!

Honestly, when I started on this adventure I never actually thought it would be this hard to find people to join us. It’s been more than 6 months now and we’re still just the 2 of us. Which doesn’t work out pretty well if you want to make rock music. We’ve been done building the foundation for ages. All we want to do now is take it to the next level which we can’t on our own. I know that patience is key, but sometimes I feel we’ve been patient for too long now. We deserve to move on. Now. I know we will eventually. But I really hope it’s not gonna take too long. Until then we’ll keep moving forward, working on everything we can at the current stage. It’s all we can do. For now!


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  1. I love the design so far! Can’t wait to see the end result. I didn’t realize there were only two of you in your band, I thought you already had 3 or 4 people. Good luck though, and hopefully you’ll find people soon! Do you have a Youtube?

  2. Very cool logo! Sending you good vibes that things will start moving forward even more. It will happen when it happens! 🙂

  3. @Heather: Haha, well, that might be due to my constant bragging about “the band” ;). Even if we’re currently just a duo, in my head we’re already a band. We’ve actually had a drummer for about a month, but it didn’t work out. And we had several people rehearsing with us once, but it never turned into a long-term commitment. We don’t have a YouTube yet, but I want to work on a website where we can put up stuff.

    @Liz: Thanks! 🙂 I know that there’s probably a reason why it’s taking so long. We don’t want just anyone, we want people who are commited and who share the same vision of what this could be. And that takes time.

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