I need light!



Anyone else missing the sun right now? I can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to the first spring days. Bright and sunny with the fresh smell of flowers in the air. Days where I don’t have to leave the house when it’s still dark and return when it’s dark again. Or when it stays so dark all day that you need to leave the light turned on all the time. In a way it’s fascinating how the absence or presence of light influences us. I do feel like my body is hibernating at the moment. I’m constantly tired and kinda lacking motivation, even for things I usually love to do. I’m still pushing through, but it takes a lot more effort than it usually does.

How much of a difference a day of light makes became clear to me when we had an unusually sunny weekend a week ago. We had blue skies and sun all day from Friday to Sunday. It was amazing! I tried to soak up as much sunlight as I could. It felt like it was straightly turned into energy once it hit my skin. Seriously! For the next couple of days I was full of energy and got so many things done I had been putting off for ages. Sadly, we’re back to the dark and gray days now. I really hope this will change sooner rather than later. Because I got a lot of things on my list this spring. There are exciting times ahead! Which will hopefully lead to more exciting blog posts than this one. 😉


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  1. For this reason, I have always thought “new year’s day” should be placed in the Springtime because the constant renewal and revival of everything around you tends to go better with the new year theme

  2. Liz, I can imagine you guys got it way worse over there in Sweden. Let’s hope spring doesn’t keep us waiting much longer!
    Frances, you’re totally right! 🙂

  3. I agree, I LOVE the sunlight and soaking it up. But I also like crisp, cold air. Not bone-chilling, biting cold, but a day where the sun is shining, the snow is glowing, no breeze. I love that. (: Of course, I’d rather have a cool day then a hot day.

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