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Kind of a perfect day



Do you know these days you look back to full of content? Those kind of days you wish to experience over and over again? I’ve had a lot of mediocre days so far this year. Some awesome ones too, but one of those perfect days had still been missing in 2013. Until last Saturday. That was indeed a day that will end up as almost perfect in my book. It all started at the end of the week when I found out that a band I’ve been into lately was going to play an unplugged show at a fashion store here in Frankfurt. I’d already bought tickets for their show in April, so a free acoustic show was a good appetizer. I immediately texted my boyfriend to see if he was up for it. He was! And he had more great news: We were going to have a full band rehearsal on Saturday night! This couldn’t get much better.

And what can I say, it was a hell of a day. We went to bed early on Friday because the acoustic show was supposed to start at noon (which I have to admit is very early for me to be out of the house – or even out of bed, ahem – on a Saturday). Ok, I was also sleep-deprived and a little hungover because we’d been out on Thursday night. but anyway, we made it to the store in time and enjoyed the music squeezed in between racks full of stylish clothes. It was definitely a different kind of concert, no squeezing, no pushing. I think we dramatically raised the average age, too, but who cares. It was fun – that’s all the counts! After the set we did our weekly grocery shopping, then went home to bake a cake because we had invited my sister and her boyfriend over for Sunday afternoon. Then we already had to leave for the band rehearsal.

We’d already played with the bass player before and since he liked our music he offered to invite a drummer friend of his who was also looking for a band. Without a lot of talking we went down in our little cave and started playing. I can hardly describe the feeling I get when I hear my songs coming to life. It’s pure magic! And it totally changes the way I sing them when there isn’t just a single guitar accompanying me, but a full band. Those people are awesome musicians, they really had the ability to pick up the songs quickly and to add their own signature to it in a natural way. These people were really interested in the music, they were keen to work on our material unlike almost all the other people we’ve met up with before. I think we actually could’ve played with them the whole night through if me and my voice hadn’t been smashed after more than 3 hours. Smashed in a good way that is. This could actually be the next step. I’m trying not to get overly excited just yet, but this could be it. The future will tell.


The songs in my head



About a year ago, I wrote my very first song. Just like that. Totally out of the blue. I had never done this before in my entire life. Not even thought about it. It was just there in my head. A fragment that needed to be explored and evolved. And so I did. It was basically done within a couple of hours (and that was probably the shortest amount of time I ever spent writing on a song). When I say “writing”, I don’t mean physically writing it down. My theoretical music knowledge goes back to when I was still in school and I’ve probably forgotten about most of it by now. So I’m not really capable of doing this. When I say “writing”, I mean thinking up a melody, lyrics, a story in my head. I usually carry a song around in my head for ages before I sing it out loud for the first time. It’s like I want to wait for it to sound beautiful before it gets born into this world. The good thing about this method is that I can work on my songs whenever, wherever I want without bothering anyone. When I’m walking outside, on the train, even at work when I’m needing a break.

Ever since that one decisive day I’ve been thinking about why this happened to me. Why I discovered this skill or passion or whatever you want to call it. And why at this particular time. I don’t have any answer to this really. Yes, I was searching for something bigger, something meaningful, something I wanted to dedicate my life to at the time. But I’ve felt this way many, many times before. Why didn’t it come to me earlier when it was inside of me all the time? The only answer I’m having is that it was meant to be. Right at this point in my life. And everything that has happened to me ever since then and that will happen to me in the future is meant to be in the same way. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t really believe in fate in the sense that things just happen to you and you can’t do anything about it. What I do believe is that sometimes life throws things in front of you, unexpectedly, that have the potential to change everything. A chance to be taken – or not.

Right after I had written said song (which is appropiately called “The Awakening”) and come up with the idea of finding other people to make music with me, I was actually about to throw it right back in the gutter. Mainly because I was scared about the reactions from other people. I can’t tell you why I didn’t give up this time. I just felt the urge that I needed to go on. And I still do. It can’t be ignored. So I wrote song after song. I kept looking for people. I worked on my voice which – despite being far from brilliant – has grown so much this past year. Things still aren’t perfect. I actually feel like they’ve gotten way harder since I’ve started to put myself out there. But I think it’s meant to be this way. Because it makes you work harder, makes you fight for what you believe in. This Saturday we’re having a rehearsal with a full band setup again. It’s the second time and after the last one we ended up being just the 2 of us again. So a part of me is getting its hopes up again, thinking that maybe, maybe this might be the right people. Finally. The other part is prepared for disappointment. Either way – it’s meant to be.

InspiraShot: Up in the clouds



Yesterday I went on a short business trip to Berlin. When I left Frankfurt early in the morning the weather was grey and cold and just really unpleasant. Just the way it has been for most of the past months. But suddenly, when the plane broke through the clouds, the sky was all bright and blue. I had finally found the place where the sun, that little bastard, had been hiding all the time. I just sat there watching the beautiful scenery. The white, fluffy clouds looked like I could just jump right into them. And I started dreaming. Of the places I want to travel to this year. Of the adventures waiting for me. This year I want to travel near and far. To places I’ve never been before and to places I’ve wanted to return to in a long time. And the great thing is that this year I won’t have to worry if someone is going to join me, if I’ll be able to find a travel companion who likes to do and see the same things. No, this year I have someone by my side who shares that adventurous spirit with me. And I couldn’t be any happier about this!

Do you have any travel plans for 2013 yet? I’d like to hear about them!

I can feel the fire


Since February definitely needs to be a more active and productive month than January, me and the boyfriend went on a little band-related trip last night. We went to an open stage night at Frankfurt Art Bar. Of course, we didn’t just go there to listen to some nice music and to enjoy the company of like-minded people. Which would’ve been totally valid. Oh no! We’re having a plan. And the first step is to finally share our music. And what better way is there to play at an open stage night. When we were first looking into this topic, we had to find out that there actually aren’t that many open stages in Frankfurt. If I’ve done my reasearch properly, it’s only 2 which is kinda sad. But anyway, the one at Art Bar sounded pretty nice, so we just went there to check out the competition.

I have to say that I really liked the atmosphere there. It felt like entering a cozy living room full of friendly people. We found a seat somwhere in the back and waited for the show to start. It was hosted by an Irish guy which I believe was the owner and I really liked that he introduced every person coming on stage with some warm words. It seemed like a lot of the performers were regulars, playing almost every week. While the music itself wasn’t really my taste (mostly folk and pop songs) I did enjoy listening to it. There was a fun mix of people, solo perfomers, groups, guitarists, people playing banjo, piano and even saxophone. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to stay until the end because we both had to work the next day.

It was enough to spark the fire in me, though. The entire time I was sitting there watching, I wished I could hop on stage, that it would be us up there. And we soon will be, I promise! When we first came up with the idea of doing open stage I was a little scared. What if we failed? What if I’d be too nervous to even utter a sound? What if people didn’t like it? Now that I’ve seen the performers I’m feeling  a bit more confident to be honest. I mean there were some pretty talented singers and songwriters. But there were also people I thought we could definitely keep up with. I know that we can make it if we just practice some more. We’re currently thinking about some time in March. And I know it’s gonna be incredible. No matter if people like it or not. Even if we’re just doing this for us. Because all of this still seems pretty unbelievable to the girl who decided she wanted to make music just one year ago!

February? Really?



Wow, I can’t believe the first month of this year is already over. Where the hell did January go?And why do I feel like I haven’t achieved much this year yet? I know that 2013 is still young, but somehow I’d expected a little more from what’s supposed to be the greatest, most adventurous and amazing year of my life. January has always felt like a pain in the ass, but it did feel particularly annoying this year. I can really feel how the dark and uncomfortable weather is getting to me, a little more each day. Last week I literally dragged my lethargic body through the week. In the evenings I was so tired I wasn’t capable of doing anything. Not in the household (which was in desperate need of being tidied) or for my various private projects. Which made me feel even more miserable. But I’ve decided that this has to change – no matter if this winter will finally decide to leave or not. I need to kick myself in the ass, get off the cozy couch and just do!

Musicwise February was already off to a good start. We managed to practice 2 nights in a row (to make up for the week during which we didn’t do a thing) and already saw some progress. We’ve actually come up with a pretty cool plan to work on while it’s still only the 2 of us. We already set up the plan back in January, but it’s been growing ever since and will now be taken into action, step by step. It’s gonna be an exciting ride, for sure. There’s lots of fun things we wanna do and try and I can’t wait for it. It’s finally time to put ourselves out there. Of course, I’ll keep you posted!

I also wanna go out more often again. When I first moved here, I was out somewhere at least 2 nights a week. At the moment I’m even staying in on weekends. Which is just lame! I mean I’m 30, but I’m no granny yet. And in a city like Frankfurt there’s lots of stuff to do. I’m also currently planning a schedule for a trip to London over Easter. And I’ve added another ticket to my 2013 concert collection which now makes 4 concerts and 1 festival to look forward to this spring/summer.

Lots of great things ahead. It’s time to get off the couch!

What I like…



Reading others people’s blogs can sometimes be a great inspiration for a new post. Yesterday I came across an awesome post over at just be. love all. live life. which was inspired by another blogger. Which was inspired by yet another blogger and so on. The question is simple: What do you like? Since life has been tough again at work and elsewhere (well, mostly at work), I really feel the need to focus on the positive things in life. The things that make life interesting and fun and exciting. The things that really count. I’m just making this list up as I’m typing. Enjoy!

I like travelling. Music. Playing the guitar. Singing. Concerts. 30 Seconds to Mars. Japan. Tokyo. Sushi. Nutella. Hiking. Running. A warm breeze on my skin. The Ocean. Skyscrapers. Loving and being loved. Spending time with my boyfriend. My sister. My awesome friends. My family. Movies. Muse. Books. NYC. Getting lost in the moment. Adventures. Photography. Art. Crossing my own boundaries. Summer nights. Spending all morning in bed. Babies. Dogs. Elephants. Berlin. Scotland. Snowboarding. Blogging. Songwriting. Being creative. Nature. Chocolate. Laughing. The sun. Blue skies. Birds chirping. A home-cooked meal. Being up high. Chasing dreams. Challenges. Lists. Personal revolutions. Life.

What do you like?