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Reading others people’s blogs can sometimes be a great inspiration for a new post. Yesterday I came across an awesome post over at just be. love all. live life. which was inspired by another blogger. Which was inspired by yet another blogger and so on. The question is simple: What do you like? Since life has been tough again at work and elsewhere (well, mostly at work), I really feel the need to focus on the positive things in life. The things that make life interesting and fun and exciting. The things that really count. I’m just making this list up as I’m typing. Enjoy!

I like travelling. Music. Playing the guitar. Singing. Concerts. 30 Seconds to Mars. Japan. Tokyo. Sushi. Nutella. Hiking. Running. A warm breeze on my skin. The Ocean. Skyscrapers. Loving and being loved. Spending time with my boyfriend. My sister. My awesome friends. My family. Movies. Muse. Books. NYC. Getting lost in the moment. Adventures. Photography. Art. Crossing my own boundaries. Summer nights. Spending all morning in bed. Babies. Dogs. Elephants. Berlin. Scotland. Snowboarding. Blogging. Songwriting. Being creative. Nature. Chocolate. Laughing. The sun. Blue skies. Birds chirping. A home-cooked meal. Being up high. Chasing dreams. Challenges. Lists. Personal revolutions. Life.

What do you like?


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  1. i like pretty much all of the stuff you like too! 😉 so glad you had a chance to focus on something positive. sending you good vibes & thoughts. happy weekend to you.

  2. Thank you! Sometimes I forget to focus on the good things when life gets hectic and stressful. So thank you for the reminder! 😉 Wishing you an awesome weekend, too!

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