I can feel the fire


Since February definitely needs to be a more active and productive month than January, me and the boyfriend went on a little band-related trip last night. We went to an open stage night at Frankfurt Art Bar. Of course, we didn’t just go there to listen to some nice music and to enjoy the company of like-minded people. Which would’ve been totally valid. Oh no! We’re having a plan. And the first step is to finally share our music. And what better way is there to play at an open stage night. When we were first looking into this topic, we had to find out that there actually aren’t that many open stages in Frankfurt. If I’ve done my reasearch properly, it’s only 2 which is kinda sad. But anyway, the one at Art Bar sounded pretty nice, so we just went there to check out the competition.

I have to say that I really liked the atmosphere there. It felt like entering a cozy living room full of friendly people. We found a seat somwhere in the back and waited for the show to start. It was hosted by an Irish guy which I believe was the owner and I really liked that he introduced every person coming on stage with some warm words. It seemed like a lot of the performers were regulars, playing almost every week. While the music itself wasn’t really my taste (mostly folk and pop songs) I did enjoy listening to it. There was a fun mix of people, solo perfomers, groups, guitarists, people playing banjo, piano and even saxophone. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to stay until the end because we both had to work the next day.

It was enough to spark the fire in me, though. The entire time I was sitting there watching, I wished I could hop on stage, that it would be us up there. And we soon will be, I promise! When we first came up with the idea of doing open stage I was a little scared. What if we failed? What if I’d be too nervous to even utter a sound? What if people didn’t like it? Now that I’ve seen the performers I’m feeling  a bit more confident to be honest. I mean there were some pretty talented singers and songwriters. But there were also people I thought we could definitely keep up with. I know that we can make it if we just practice some more. We’re currently thinking about some time in March. And I know it’s gonna be incredible. No matter if people like it or not. Even if we’re just doing this for us. Because all of this still seems pretty unbelievable to the girl who decided she wanted to make music just one year ago!


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  1. you go girl!! make those dreams a reality! i’d love to come & listen to your open stage premiere. i’ll be cheering you from afar, so be sure to let us know when it happens!

  2. Thx, that’s so sweet, Liz! I’ll definitely keep you posted. I won’t be able to keep exciting things like these to myself anyway. 😉

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