InspiraShot: Up in the clouds



Yesterday I went on a short business trip to Berlin. When I left Frankfurt early in the morning the weather was grey and cold and just really unpleasant. Just the way it has been for most of the past months. But suddenly, when the plane broke through the clouds, the sky was all bright and blue. I had finally found the place where the sun, that little bastard, had been hiding all the time. I just sat there watching the beautiful scenery. The white, fluffy clouds looked like I could just jump right into them. And I started dreaming. Of the places I want to travel to this year. Of the adventures waiting for me. This year I want to travel near and far. To places I’ve never been before and to places I’ve wanted to return to in a long time. And the great thing is that this year I won’t have to worry if someone is going to join me, if I’ll be able to find a travel companion who likes to do and see the same things. No, this year I have someone by my side who shares that adventurous spirit with me. And I couldn’t be any happier about this!

Do you have any travel plans for 2013 yet? I’d like to hear about them!


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  1. Not only do I like the picture and the description of the picture, but also the symbolism of what you wrote. That through some stormy clouds, the sun shines to fulfill ones hopes and dreams! Thank you for the positive message.. =)

  2. Love the picture!

    I’m hoping to get some travelling in this year, but suspect most of it will involve trips back to England. I’m invited to two christenings (one where I’m godmother, so I HAVE to go!) and I’ve promised my grandparents I’ll be home for Chistmas this year. That’s at least half my holiday days already gone…

  3. beautiful shot! i’d love to get a glimpse of that hidden sun too. 🙂 as a matter of fact, i’m headed to berlin next weekend. yay!! and then, headed to china for 2 weeks in the beginning of april. and finally, moving back to the states in july. so, it’s a pretty busy first half of the year for me – and i’m all about that. 😉

  4. Great that you’re all liking the pic! I actually took it for my boyfriend who has never been on a plane (but will be for the first time soon) ;). Also thank you for sharing your travel plans!
    @Bevchen: Going back home still counts as travelling though, especially if you haven’t been back in a while. Hope you’ll be able to fit in some other trips, too.
    @Liz: Aw, I really, really love Berlin! How long are you going to stay there? And China sounds like an awesome adventure. It’s on my list, too, but probably not this year.

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