Kind of a perfect day



Do you know these days you look back to full of content? Those kind of days you wish to experience over and over again? I’ve had a lot of mediocre days so far this year. Some awesome ones too, but one of those perfect days had still been missing in 2013. Until last Saturday. That was indeed a day that will end up as almost perfect in my book. It all started at the end of the week when I found out that a band I’ve been into lately was going to play an unplugged show at a fashion store here in Frankfurt. I’d already bought tickets for their show in April, so a free acoustic show was a good appetizer. I immediately texted my boyfriend to see if he was up for it. He was! And he had more great news: We were going to have a full band rehearsal on Saturday night! This couldn’t get much better.

And what can I say, it was a hell of a day. We went to bed early on Friday because the acoustic show was supposed to start at noon (which I have to admit is very early for me to be out of the house – or even out of bed, ahem – on a Saturday). Ok, I was also sleep-deprived and a little hungover because we’d been out on Thursday night. but anyway, we made it to the store in time and enjoyed the music squeezed in between racks full of stylish clothes. It was definitely a different kind of concert, no squeezing, no pushing. I think we dramatically raised the average age, too, but who cares. It was fun – that’s all the counts! After the set we did our weekly grocery shopping, then went home to bake a cake because we had invited my sister and her boyfriend over for Sunday afternoon. Then we already had to leave for the band rehearsal.

We’d already played with the bass player before and since he liked our music he offered to invite a drummer friend of his who was also looking for a band. Without a lot of talking we went down in our little cave and started playing. I can hardly describe the feeling I get when I hear my songs coming to life. It’s pure magic! And it totally changes the way I sing them when there isn’t just a single guitar accompanying me, but a full band. Those people are awesome musicians, they really had the ability to pick up the songs quickly and to add their own signature to it in a natural way. These people were really interested in the music, they were keen to work on our material unlike almost all the other people we’ve met up with before. I think we actually could’ve played with them the whole night through if me and my voice hadn’t been smashed after more than 3 hours. Smashed in a good way that is. This could actually be the next step. I’m trying not to get overly excited just yet, but this could be it. The future will tell.


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