April photo a day: Week 2


Phew, I’m horribly behind with week 2 of my photo challenge. I also need to apologize that all I’m doing at the moment is posting pics. There’s just so much going on in my life again. So much to do, decisions to make and to find time to breathe in between. I hope things will calm down a bit soon, so I’ll be able to post more again. But anyway, here’s the second week of April in pictures. Enjoy!

Day 8: cry


When I read the word of the day, this lyric from my song “Dancing on my Grave” immediately came to my mind.

Day 9: risk


Speaking of my music, I feel like we’re getting to a point where we’re coming closer to being ready to share out songs with the world. Here’s a little something I made to promote our brand new Facebook page (more details on that soon!). It’s a risk because people might not like what we do, but it’s also a chance.

Day 10: pink


Coincidentally, I was wearing my brand new pink trousers that day. Fits pretty well with the spring-like weather outside, doesn’t it?

Day 11: warm


Last Thursday, me and the boyfriend went to our first concert this year. And it was so much fun. Two hours of jumping around and going crazy. Heaven! And yes, it wasn’t warm, it was freaking hot. With sweat all over the place. But that’s exactly the way it should be!

Day 12: unhindered


I’m trying my best to walk down the path I’ve chosen, to be the person I want to be. Unhindered of what other people think of it. This little thing is a constant reminder that I have every right to. Even if it’s tough and scary at times.

Day 13: joy


On Saturday, me and the boyfriend went to the music fair here in Frankfurt. We’ve been looking forward to this for a long time. Especially him, being a guitar geek. While it wasn’t as exciting as we’d expected it to be it was a real joy to look at all the different instruments and to spend a day among fellow music lovers.

Day 14: laughter


Sunday was a perfect spring day. Sunshine, blue skies and t-shirt weather. The boyfriend and I decided to spend the day at the Palmengarten, a botanical garden in the middle of Frankfurt. For us, it was a day full of laughter. Especially, when we went on a rowing boat and were having a little trouble navigating around.


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