The heat of summer



I cannot emphasize enough how much I love this summer! I mean I’ve been complaining a lot about the heat that’s been holding Germany and the rest of Europe in its hot grip for the past few weeks (except for the past 2 days, phew!). Which probably isn’t surprising if you’re working in an office with no air-con and jump from joy if the temperature in your bed room finally reaches less than 27 degrees because it actually feels cool. I’m absolutely not made for heat. Or any other extreme temperatures for that matter. But even though I like to moan about it all the time, I wouldn’t want to trade it for those shitty rainy summers we’ve had in other years.

While I’m slowly running out of short-sleeved and -legged clothes to wear, I love the fact that you can wear flip-flops all day long and never need to bring a coat because it just never gets cold. I love spending time outdoors and exploring all the opportunities to enjoy life around here. Grab your love and some friends and have a barbecue down by the river while watching the sun set behind the skyline. Watch a movie in the drive-in cinema cuddled up on the back seat. Go to an open-air concert over-looking the Rhine valley. Spend a Sunday afternoon by a beautiful lake in the woods. These are all things I’ve done this summer already and I hope to do plenty more. Because you know what!? Summer doesn’t only come with heat and sweat and mosquitos hungry for your blood. It comes with this vibe that makes life just a bit more easy, a bit more carefree.

It’s that time of year that calms down that travel bug that usually keeps nagging  me all. the. time. That urge to be free and just go with the flow. Because you can “travel” while being at home and still feel like you’re on holiday. Because it feels like life becomes more of an adventure when everything is covered in sunlight. Even everyday life changes during summer. Of course, it can be a torture to spend all day in the office when you’re dreaming of eating ice cream in the sun. But with clients on holidays and bosses who occasionally allow you to leave the office early when the heat is too gruesome it’s actually quite bearable.

While I wish this summer would never end, I hope that when the temperatures are finally going to drop again and the leaves fall, that summer vibe will still last, at least for a bit. At least until the next holiday comes along.

How has your summer been so far? I hope you’re having plenty of adventures!


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