InspiraShot: A new view


While I’m still trying to find time to write that post about our little set at the living room gig (which was awesome!), I want to share this shot with you. This, ladies and gentlemen, is the view from the balcony which belongs to our new home. Nice, isn’t it? I particularly like the fact that you can see the little basin right in front of the house. And Frankfurt’s skyline in the distance, of course. This was actually the first time we were allowed to enter our new flat. We’d only seen a different, bigger flat in the same building, so we were absolutely excited to finally see our home. I would’ve moved in right away, but we have to wait until mid-January until the whole building is finally finished. I know our new life is gonna be awesome there. The flat itself is very pretty and spacious. And did I mention the balcony has 24 square meters (24!)? This is gonna make for some great summer parties for sure. I feel really, really blessed that we were able to score such a great new place to live. I really can’t wait for January to come! 🙂


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