Musings on Music: My songs of 2013


It’s the end of the year already – can you believe it!? Which means it is time to look back on some tumultous, amazing, crazy months. Over the coming weeks I’m going to post a couple of reviews on various topics and I thought I’ll start with one of the things that is most important to me. Which is, of course, music.

My iPod is a constant companion in my life. When I’m going outside on my own I never leave without it. Unless I forget it, because I’m late for work (again!) and in a hurry. There have been a few occasions where I really did leave it at home. The funny thing is that when this did happen, I didn’t realize it until I was already on the train or somewhere else too far enough from home to go back. The reason for this is that there’s constantly music playing in my head. I think I’m having a pretty good memory music-wise. When I’ve listened to a song a few times I can remember even the tiniest details of it and replay it in my hand. It’s actually pretty awesome. But still it’s no comparison to real music. Because I definitely can’t turn up the volume of a song in my head. In a way, my iPod is a shield that protects me from the outside world. If I want to, I can shut myself completely off from everything that’s going on around me. Which is most of the time when I’m surrounded by strangers, especially when I’m in a space where I’m forced to stay in the middle of a crowd of unknown people like on a busy train. Music comforts me, it allows me to let my thoughts flow freely, to just be by myself, to make me feel better when I’m feeling low and to push me even higher when I’m overflowing with joy. And most of all, it tells people around me to leave me alone. Well, at least it works that way with most people. In the few other cases, there’s the deathstare. But I guess that’s a story for another day.

So, which songs did I listen to the most this year? I’m as curious as you are, so here’s my personal Top Ten:

10. Biffy Clyro – That Golden Rule
Times played: 52
What I like about this song: This is probably the most energetic and aggressive song of Biffy Clyro (at least of the songs I know so far). Lots of heavy guitars. Lots of banging drums. Lots of dynamic. A perfect rock song. It’s even more impressive when played live. I think my eardrums weren’t that happy though. 😉
Reminds me of: Being angry and wanting to smash something. If you’re upset about something, this is the perfect song to let off steam.
Favourite lyric: Secrets are the truth, they are the truth

9. Muse – Guiding Light
Times played: 53
What I like about this song: This song was sitting on my iPod for the longest time, ignored and unnoticed. Until I heard it live and instantly fell in love with it. It is probably one of the cheesiest Muse songs, but also so beautiful. And heart-breaking. I would lie if I said I haven’t shed a few tears while listening to it.
Reminds me of: Watching this song being performed live at the Loreley, squeezing the boyfriend’s hand while a balloon in the shape of a light bulb was flying over our heads and thousands of lights were lighting up the audience.
Favourite lyric: Sunshine trapped in our hearts, it could rise again

8. Itchy Poopzkid – We Say So
Times played: 53
What I like about this song: To be honest, I have no idea why I’ve listened to this song so many times. Up until now I didn’t even know I did. I listened to the whole album a lot at the beginning of the year because I was going to a concert of this band (which is a German punk rock band for those of you who don’t know them) and I wanted to know the songs. This is the first song of the album, so that’s probably why it was played most often. Other than that, I don’t really have any thoughts on that particular song. I like it. But that’s it.
Reminds me of: Waiting for spring to release us from the darkest winter of all times
Favourite lyric: It ain’t over til we say so

7. Muse – Supermassive Blackhole
Times played: 54
What I like about this song: Matt Bellamy’s falsetto. This man is a vocal genius. I can just about hit the high notes he’s singing. And I’m a woman. I also like the rather dark, mysterious atmosphere of that song. It’s a karaoke favourite of mine, too.
Reminds me of: I don’t know, but first and foremost it reminds me of the Twilight saga. Pathetic, I know.
Favourite lyric: You set my soul alight

6. Itchy Poopzkid – I Believe
Times played: 55
What I like about this song: This song kinda speaks from my heart. And while I’m usually a fan of lyrics that are more subtle and intricate, I like the straightforwardness in this one.
Reminds me of: Trying to find a place and a purpose in life, even when the odds are against you
Favourite lyric: A dream that once had walked away is back in good hands

5. Muse – Take a Bow
Times played: 56
What I like about this song: This is another one of these songs that got played the most because it’s first on an album. What I particularly like about this song musically is the climax it’s going through. Starting slowly and rather quietly only to explode in the second half of the song and then also slowly taking the melody up on the scale. Everytime you think it won’t go any further, it will. It’s the typical Muse hand writing and one of the reasons I love this band so much. I also like the social criticism that’s inherent in the song.
Reminds me of: The feeling I had when I discovered this musical genius of a band – pure admiration and excitement.
Favourite lyric: Our freedom’s consuming itself. What we’ve become, it’s contrary to what we want

4. 30 Seconds to Mars – City of Angels
Times played: 59
What I like about this song: First of all, I have to explain that this is a song of the new album of Mars which was released earlier this year. An album I’d been eagerly waiting for for 1+ year. Only to find out that I didn’t like it that much. This song is one of the better songs in my opinion. I basically only listened to 3 songs of that album most of the time. It’s nice, but it doesn’t speak to me like previous songs have. Unfortunately. I think the reason this (and other songs of this album) have been played so many times was me trying to get used to the new sound. Which ultimately failed.
Reminds me of: U2’s “With or without you”. I’m not kidding, this song is an almost exact copy of the U2 classic. I once crossed a street in Canada and suddenly heard a tune coming out of a car. I was like: “Whoa, they’re playing Mars on the radio!” Turned out it was U2. :/
Favourite lyric: All my life I was never there. Just a ghost running scared

3. Muse – Starlight
Times played: 59
What I like about this song: Oh look, it’s Muse. Again! I guess by now I’ve become pretty predictable when it comes to my choice of bands. The bass is particularly ace in this one. It’s ear-piercing. Another classic Muse song. Even though I believe there are better ones.
Reminds me of: The live song during which I told the boyfriend I love him for the first time. It was a magical moment.
Favourite lyric: You electrify my life. Let’s conspire to ignite all the souls that would die just to feel alive

2. Biffy Clyro – The Captain
Times played: 68
What I like about this song: Oh my God, I just love this song. Lovelovelove it. It’s so catchy it makes me wanna dance through the room like a maniac. Or the train. Or my office. I guess the fact that I’ve only started to listen to this song from August and it’s now in second rank tells you a lot about how much I dig it. The bass is also insane. I tried to learn how to play it. I failed, but who cares.
Reminds me of: Pirates. And wanting to conquer the world
Favourite lyric: I’m in control. I am the son of God

1. 30 Seconds to Mars – Do or Die
Times played: 91 (WHAT!!!???)
What I like about this song: Ok, this really is a surprise. I absolutely had no idea I have listened to this song so many times. I mean it’s definitely my favourite of the new Mars album, but it’s kinda weird that a song of an album which I claim has been quite a disappointment to me is ranking on number 1. But well, that’s the way it is. It’s not a bad song. There was a time where I really liked listening to it. I guess I just literally listened it to death after a while. 😉
Reminds me of: Wanting to go out and DO something. Like stealing a unicorn. Or painting the sky in rainbow colors. Or just running as fast as the wind and never stopping ever again. It also reminds me of me and my friends jump-jump-jumping like maniacs during the 5 shows I attended this year. And of desperately trying to find something in the music that wasn’t there anymore.
Favourite lyric: I don’t want to live a lie that I believe

Alright, that’s my song review. Be sure to check out a few of the songs I mentioned. What are your most listened songs of 2013? I’d really love to know!


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