Endings and new beginnings


DSC02863HAPPY NEW YEAR, EVERYBODY! I hope y’all arrived well in 2014 and had a great night of celebrations. The boyfriend and I ended the year with a little symbolic act: We locked the above “love lock” to a bridge nearby. It might be a little cheesy, but I think there’s nothing wrong about that.  And honestly, there couldn’t have been a better day than New Year’s Eve for this – the last day of a year in which our relationship has grown so much. A year full of happiness and adventures together as well as some lows we managed to get through. As it says on the back of our love lock: “Together we’re invincible”, a lyric from a Muse song I chose as my theme song for 2013. When I picked it I had no idea it would be that true for us this year, but such is life I guess.

Usually, here in Frankfurt couples attach their locks to the Eiserne Steg, a bridge close to the city center which is already overflowing with locks. But when I gave our love lock to the boyfriend for our anniversary, we both instantly knew we wanted ours to be put in a different place. There’s a bridge very close to my apartment with a beautiful view of the skyline. We crossed said bridge on the way home from our first date. It was night and we both stopped to admire the beautiful view and to take a pic – and later found out that we both wanted to kiss each other at that very moment, but were to shy to pull through with it. It was pretty clear that this had to be the place for our lock. So we took a little walk to the bridge yesterday afternoon to fulfill our mission. We weren’t sure if there would be a place to which the lock would fit, but we were lucky and found a place that both fit and was still unoccupied. This is the view from the place on the bridge we attached the lock to. Beautiful, isn’t it?

DSC02864We then spent a very relaxed rest of New Year’s Eve. We had dinner at a Chinese buffet restaurant, went back home to enjoy some homemade cocktails (yum, Zombies!) and then went to the rehearsal room to spend the last hour of the year working on a new song. As I said in my annual review post, I want music to be my first priority in 2014, so it was pretty awesome to dive right into it again. Around midnight we went outside to join dozens of other people who were ready to welcome the new year by the river. We watched the fireworks from yet another bridge and were just happy to enjoy these moments with each other. It was an awesome start to the new year and I for one can’t wait for all the adventures we’re going to embark on in 2014. We’ve already made some plans for the new year and I promise I’ll make sure to keep you updated.

DSC02866I’m wishing you the very best for 2014! Dare to dream, dare to live and don’t let anyone stop you from doing so!


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