My year in blogging


Every year, WordPress has a little surprise in store for its bloggers: an annual review with stats of the past year. I’m always looking forward to that report because as probably most bloggers I’m a little obsessed with blog stats. I love to see how many people visit my blog, which posts they read, how they find me and which part of the world they’re from. I frequently visit the stats page of my blog thoughout the year, but it’s especially nice to get an overview of the whole year. And while this blog is still tiny, I can’t help but be proud that quite a bunch of people read what I have to say and sometimes even leave a comment. So how did 2013 go for Exploring Maybeland?

All in all I’d say it was an average year in blogging for me. I wish I would’ve sticked to writing more regularly, but I still feel that I shared a lot of things during the past year. I wrote 37 posts which makes a post every 1,5 weeks (not as bad as I thought) and posted 55 pictures. The busiest day was February 4th. That day I published a post called “February? Really?” in which I was surprised at the fact that the first year of the month had already passed and I felt like I’d accomplished nothing at all. Rereading that post just now made me wonder if this January is going to be the same. Well, I hope not. That post surprisingly wasn’t among the 5 most popular posts I published last year. Here are the post people were most interested in reading:

  • What I like: It seems like the simplest post I wrote was the most popular one. Sometimes it’s that easy I guess. I simply listed things I like. Which are quite a few. Take a look.
  • Rock bottom: In this post I dealt with the immediate aftermath of my breakdown. This was probably the most difficult topic I ever wrote about. But also like a therapy. I’m not very good at talking about my problems, so writing it down, getting it all out certainly was important in order to get better. And who knows, maybe it can even help someone who’s in a similar situation.
  • Creativity is not a talent!: I found this quote in a speech by John Cleese and I found it to be very true. And even better: I believe that anyone can be creative. You just have to set your mind to it and let inspiration flow.
  • My theme song for 2013: At the beginning of every year I pick a theme song to accompany me through the year. A song that reflects what I want that particular year to be about. Last year I chose “Invincible” by Muse and it turned out to be very true to my experiences. So much so that I put a lyric (“Together we’re invincible”) on the back of our love lock (see my previous post for more on that).
  • Forward: In this post I introduced a prototype of our band shirt and had a little rant about how hard it is to find fellow musicians who are as passionate about our music as we are.

What I find particularly interesting is that all these posts were published between January and March. So I’m either writing more interesting posts at the beginning of the year or people are generally reading more blog posts during that time. Who knows.

The funniest part about blog stats are the search terms through which people find your blog. The most popular ones this year were: “exploring maybeland” (obviously), “maybeland” (also no surprise), “gary lightbody laugh” (Interesting, I wonder if he has a particular sexy/funny/whatever laugh? I hope they weren’t too disappointed when they found out it was actually Snow Patrol’s guitarist who was laughing in the post they were referred to by this search term), “maybeland makeup” (I wonder if they meant Maybelline?) and “creativity is not a talent”. My personal favourites, however, were these:

  • “fuck as many girls as many time in frankfurt” (Um, I have absolutely no idea why someone would find my blog through this!!!)
  • “what are my chances of getting to meet Jared Leto” (I have no idea how the internet is supposed to tell you what the chances are. Unless by “meet” you mean being in the same room with him and dozens or even hundreds of other fans, in that case money will give you a 100% chance.)
  • “porn hub kim and ray j sex tape” (I just wish I’d never seen this one.)

Unfortunately, most search terms are encrypted. I’m sure there would be some other hilarious ones.

Another interesting stat are the places visitors of my blog come from. One reason I’m blogging in English is that I’d love to have readers from all over the world. And I certainly did. There were people from 54 different countries reading my posts last year. By far, most people came from Germany, followed by the United States and the UK. But there were also people from as exotic places as Barbados, Nigeria, Puerto Rico, Panama, Lybia, Guam and Iraq. Wow!

I for one can’t wait for another year here in Maybeland. And I really hope you’ll join the ride. Cheers!


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