An urban adventure


This winter has been pretty mild so far, temperatures have rarely dropped under 0 and there have even been amazingly sunny days with blue skies. On these days, I’m trying to go outside, to expose myself to as much sunlight as I can. I love to be in the nature, even in winter which definitely isn’t my favourite season of the year (except if there’s snow and I’m close to a slope), and one great thing about Frankfurt is that you can access green spaces pretty easily. Even right inside the city. From time to time I like to go on little adventures (as I call them) with the boyfriend to explore a new part of the city or its surroundings. It’s always so much fun because you never know where you might end up and what you might discover. Who says you can only explore foreign territory when abroad? The adventure is right in front of our doorstep really!

Since we’d spent most of Christmas inside eating and resting our full bodies I was craving to go outside and a few days after the holidays we woke up to a pretty, sunshiny day. So off we went into another urban adventure. We started in a little park on a hill in a residential area which gave us a nice view of the outskirts of the city.

DSC02844The park led to an area full of little gardens (called Schrebergarten) which I believe is a particular German thing. People who don’t have a garden behind their house (which is a pretty rare thing to have in a city like Frankfurt) can rent a little garden space where they can plant flowers, fruits and veggies. Usually, you can also find a little hut in front of which people like to gather for barbecues in summer. One day I’d love to rent a Schrebergarten of my own, but I heard it’s pretty hard to get one since they’re quite popular. Sigh!

DSC02849The path led us next to a little creek and then suddenly we stood in front of a huge bridge. We could see the highway further behind, but it seemed like this particular bridge wasn’t in use anymore or had never been. Curious as I am I needed to go up there. Once we got to the peak we saw that there was no road leading to or from the bridge. It was just a bridge with no connection. I thought this was a pretty cool playground for kids to ride bikes or skates, even though it might not be the safest place with fast cars passing by. However, we had an awesome view over the gardens and the whole area from up there, a pretty cool find!

DSC02855DSC02856DSC02858Behind the bridge we got to another area full of little gardens. Since it had been raining quite a lot the past days, the path got pretty muddy. But it was kinda fun trying to find a way through all the dirt and not getting stuck in it. And we made even more interesting discoveries. There was a little lake. The headquarters of an infamous motorcycle club (we found out about that later). And lots of horses looking at us curiously.


It definitely was a fun couple of hours outside and I can’t wait to go on the next adventure. Who knows what we’re gonna find then.

Have you ever been on an adventure in your city? What did you discover?



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