My song for 2014


Wow, the new year is already a week old – time to pick a theme song for 2014! Last year I chose “Invincible” by Muse. I loved that song particularly because of one line: “Together we’re invincible”. When I picked it, I had no idea that these word would pretty much sum up my 2013. If I had to pick a tag line for the past year, it would probably be these words. Life has his funny ways, doesn’t it?

For this year, I want to pick a special song. Because I want this year to be a special one. I know that every year is special in its own way. But I want 2014 to be extra special. I want it to be a year full of adventures and wondrous experiences and fun and just all about living life to the fullest. I want it to be the year in which I find my way back to my passions, back to what I really love doing after 2013 has taken me on some detours. And the one thing I want to focus on most, the one thing that has changed my life entirely over the past 2 years is music. So this year I’m choosing a song as my theme song which I’ve written myself. “Unsung heroes” is the only song I managed to finish writing last year. It accompanied me for months and months, it grew from a tiny thought in my mind into something big and beautiful. By choosing one of my own songs I’m making a statement. This song is still unfinished. So far it only exists as lyrics, a melody and a few chords. It’s as unfinished as this year which has just begun. But over the coming weeks, maybe even months we’re going to work on it. We’ve chosen it as the first song we want to fully record and we’ve already started to work on it. And one day soon it’s gonna be a shiny, brand new song. It’s going to be the prove that I’m back on my way, that despite having left my path for a bit I’m heading into the right direction again.

I absolutely can’t wait to share that song with you. But for now I’m gonna have to leave you with the lyrics. Just read it as a poem and I’m sure you’ll see exactly why I’ve picked this song. And if you wanna be updated on the progress of our recording project that is going to entail lots of more songs, check out our Facebook page. We’ll post regular updates there once we’ve got something to share.


Unsung heroes
We were fallen stars in the city of light
Glowing in the dark but the night was too bright
We broke the laws and went untouched
But still
We crave for more
The dream is alive
Beating wild
Carved in our hearts we follow its lead
To the death
And the dawn
Push us down
We’ll survive the hell of this unspoken spell
Cause we know
We know
We don’t need enemies to fight
No bridge to cross the other side
We’ll feast on visions in our minds
We don’t need wings to fly and leave the world behind
We can be kings without a crown
Through the mist of our past
We came to leave no stone untouched
Shake the world in its grounds
We will rise
High above the walls of dependency
We are free
Yeah, we’re free
We don’t need enemies to fight
No bridge to cross the other side
We’ll feast on visions in our minds
We don’t need wings to fly and leave the world behind

We can be kings without a crown
We can be

Wild like a beast trapped in the dark for too long
Full of passion for a dream long gone
Cause this voice inside
It will never die
On our death bed you’ll hear it cry
No enemies
No bridge
No wings to fly
We can be kings
We will be kings
In the darkest hour of the deepest night
I will sit with you
Side by side
Under the beauty of a starless sky
We’ll wait for the dawn

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