InspiraShot: A sunset in the mountains


DSC02912Last Sunday, we woke up to a perfect winter day. Blue sky. Sunshine. Temperatures not too cold. It was clear that we had to go outside and enjoy this beautiful weather. Enjoy the sunlight on our skin. I did a little research of things to do in the nature not too far away. And I found something: Großer Feldberg, with around 900m the highest mountain (or hill rather?) in the area. The plan was to drive to the top, walk around for a bit and then watch the sunset. The great thing about winter really is that you can watch the sunset without having to stay up late. There have been some beautiful sunsets this season so far with lovely colours in the sky, but I mostly watched them from the office. But not this time!

When we arrived, the top was pretty busy. There were cars and people everywhere, but we managed to find a parking spot not too far away. It was pretty chilly up there, but I liked it that way. It actually felt like winter to me for the first time. There wasn’t any snow, but the branches of some trees were covered in ice which looked almost like in a painting. There are lots of hiking paths on the mountain, so we walked around for a while soaking up the scenery. I felt so calm and peaceful. Exactly what I needed before the move to our new apartment is starting this week. And then it was time for the sunset! There’s a tower on the top which you can access for a little fee, so we bought hot cocoa and went upstairs. From up there the view was really stunning. Since the sky was so clear, we could see the skyscrapers of Frankfurt, the airport and even more mountains. There were a few clouds hanging over the valley and everything was covered in warm red light. I could’ve watched that sunset forever. It was just so beautiful (as you can see in the pic above)! It really was a perfect Sunday.

Here are a few more pics of our little trip. Enjoy! And if you’re in the area make sure to check out Großer Feldberg some time. I’ll definitely be back in the summer for more hiking and a picnic.



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