On the move


Wow, it really is time! Time to pack up all our stuff and move to the new place. Since late summer we’ve been waiting for the day to finally get the keys to our new home and last week that day was finally here. First up was an hour long tour through and around the house (German thoroughness, y’know). We’d learned where to put plastic and paper waste (in a box outside which can only be opened with the house key), where to put other waste (inside a room, also only accessible with the house key) and that there’s going to be a bin for organic waste soon, too (yes, we Germans love our recycling). We’d been shown the the underground parking, the cellar and the storage room for bicycles and strollers. And we’d made sure we know everything about the passive house technology which will heat our apartment with the help of our own body warmth. All we cared about really was to finally hold the keys in our hands and when we finally did and were left alone we jumped with joy. I would’ve loved to stay right there and to start turning that place into our home. But instead I had to go back to the office, wearing a huge smile on my face for the rest of the day.

Now the busy part has started. We’re packing boxes, moving furniture and taking it all to the new place during the week, then put wallpaper and paint on the walls during the weekend. We’re planning to have finished most of the move by next Sunday, even though I’m sure we’re gonna live in chaos for the next couple of weeks. And you know what, I’m ok with that. It’s all part of the process and it’s gonna take as long as it takes. I’m really curious to see what life in the new place is gonna be like though. What kind of people our neighbours are. And how the area we’re living in is going to develop in the next months. So far we’re among the first inhabitants on our little peninsula in the river. There’s going to be lots of new houses, offices, a hotel, a supermarket and other things being built. It’s going to be a whole new residential area and I find it pretty exciting to witness this all with my own eyes. I can’t wait for summer to come, so we can enjoy a cold beer on our huge balcony or have a barbecue with friends down by the little harbor in front of the house. I certainly will miss living right in the centre of Frankfurt where I can basically get anywhere I want shortly either by public transport or foot. But I’m pretty used to changes in my living situation. I’ve never lived in the same place for more than 3 years since I moved out from home.  So I’m sure I’ll get acquainted to this place quickly. And I’m more than looking forward to this new chapter in our lives. It’s gonna be our first home together. How amazing is that!

I hope I’ll still be able to post here regularly during the move. But if not, you know I’ll be trying to organise the chaos that is my life right now. 😉


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