A walk through the neighbourhood



Whenever I move to a new place, I love to explore the new neighbourhood. To just stroll through the streets, never knowing what’s waiting around the next corner. It’s now been almost a month since we’ve moved to our new place (can you believe it!?), but since there’s still so much to do in our new home and I’ve been away on a few weekends, we didn’t really have the time to have a look around. Except for my daily walk to the train station which isn’t that exciting. So yesterday, we decided to finally go for a walk and see what the new place has to offer. Now our new neighbourhood definitely isn’t ordinary (as you’ll see from the pics I’ve taken). We’re located on a little peninsula in the river and we’re the only building that is finished so far. Everything else still has to be built and they’ve already started to. While you could see construction sites around your house as annoying, I personally find it pretty exciting. We’re getting to witness how a new residential area is being built. What’s not to find exciting about that!

We started our walk in the direction of the tip of the peninsula. But we didn’t get very far since the whole area is already under construction. We technically weren’t even allowed to walk where we did, but some people had already pulled the fences to the side and since it was a Sunday no construction was going on, so I think it was ok for us to have a walk around. To be honest, there wasn’t much to see except for huge piles of dirt and the river where 2 swans were going for a Sunday swim.

DSC02968DSC02969We then headed to the other side of the harbour basin, where a fairly new walk and bike lane is inviting people for a stroll (or a roll) along the river. You can basically walk all the way to Frankfurt if you like. I actually might try to cycle to work when it’s warmer. It’s around 5km which actually isn’t too bad. Around the top of the basin, there’s s little area whith benches where people can sit and have a nice view over the water. Every morning I walk past there to get to work, I can’t help but dream of having my first beer there with the boyfriend when it’s warmer. I’m sure we’re gonna enjoy this little place as oftern as we can. Or at least once we’re tired of sitting on our huge balcony. We even discovered a little kiosk down there which is going to open in April, so we can have ice cream or beer if we’ve run out of it at home.

DSC02970The area along the little promenade is also still under development. Right now there’s an interesting mix of industry, abandoned and recreational areas. I especially love this old crane which is still standing there despite not being used anymore. It just fits perfectly into the whole area.


DSC02972Then there’s an empty space which is being used as a place for gardening for people who don’t have a garden of their own. Right now, it does look a little dead, but I’m sure in a few weeks time that place is gonna be a beautiful oasis in the middle of the city.

DSC02974DSC02975Further down, there’s a coal power station. From our balcony, I can see the coal being delivered by ship and carried inside the station by a crane. It certainly is one of the less beautiful things around here, but still I think it makes for an interesting scenery.

DSC02978At the end of the lane is my favourite spot of the whole area. I actually still need to check it out, but I’m sure we’re gonna be frequent visitors soon. It’s a mix between a cafe, club and concert venue with a huge green space outside where you can have drinks in summer. They even have a little zoo with sheep and geese. How adorable is that! I really hope we’re gonna have time soon to check it out because it just looks like one of these places I’m really going to dig.

DSC02980I hope you enjoyed my little tour around our neighbourhood. And if you like, let me know what’s your favourite thing about the area you live in.


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  1. Looks like an up and coming neighbourhood! We’re surrounded by construction too. New tram lines and new apartment blocks just at my doorstep. Hated it when they started because I loved the quietness when we first moved in. Now I’m immune to it. I love the south side of the river… A little quieter I suppose until we get near town and there are always little cafés to check out. 🙂

  2. Sounds and looks like such an interesting place. How cool that it is on a peninsula! Happy nesting! xx

  3. It definitely is an interesting place to live. For example, today there’s a party on the construction site in front of us with a huge big tent and music. I’m sure it’ll never get boring around here. 😉 Luckily, we have triple-glazed windows, so it’s still pretty quiet despite the construction and the aircraft noise we get from the nearby airport.

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