Hey there, welcome to Maybeland!

This is a place to explore ideas and dreams and make them reality. In Maybeland, anything is possible. You just have to set your mind to it. Start to imagine, allow yourself to dream big and take one step after the other to make these dreams come true.

This is exactly how I’ve been living my life since 2012 and so many amazing things have happened because of it. Things I never would have dared to dream of. I discovered my passion for music. I started writing songs, formed a band and even performed in front of an audience. I found the love of my life. And most importantly, I’ve learned some valuable lessons about life: It’s ok to live the life of a dreamer. Everybody deserves to be the person they really are. There will always be people who won’t understand this view on life. And that’s also ok.

I’ve made a promise to myself to live life to the fullest and to work as hard as I can to make my dreams come true. And there are a lot, big and small. So be prepared for some awesome adventures.

There’s millions of ‘maybes’ in life we just need to turn into ‘for sures’. Let’s explore them on our ride through Maybeland. \(^_^)/


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  1. Exactly! The sad thing is that a lot of people never come to that realization. It took me a long time as well, but I’m glad I finally understood that it’s all in our own hands and that we can actually live the life we want. It just takes some hard work ;).

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