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Hello again!



Oh wow, it’s been such a long time since I’ve made an appearance here. Over a year, I can’t believe it! And to be honest, I don’t really know how to start after such a long hiatus. Should I just continue where I stopped? Or should I explain? I don’t even know how it came to that long break from blogging. There were many times during the past year when I had an idea for a post and made a note in my mind to write it down. Sometime. But then for some reason the urge to write wasn’t strong enough and quickly I had other things on my mind. And somehow, over time I forgot that this blog even existed.

This past year, there was so much going on in my personal life that I somehow lost my interest in creating things. Not only did I stop blogging, I also stopped making music. Partly, this was due to a lack of time, but mostly because I was busy creating something else. Probably the most amazing “thing” a human being is able to create. A miracle. And I gave birth to that miracle 11 weeks ago. That’s right, I am the mother of a beautiful baby girl now! 🙂 The cutest baby in the world (of course!). I still have to pinch myself from time to time to make sure this is not just a dream. That we really are parents now. And I can’t help but think that life does have its funny ways. When I started this blog back in 2011, having a baby wasn’t on my mind at all. To be honest, starting a family seemed more like the opposite of how I wanted my life to be at the time. When I was younger, I was sure I wanted to have kids one day. But when I was approaching 30, I wasn’t that sure anymore. There were still so many things I wanted to do and see and explore. And I certainly didn’t feel mature enough to raise another human being. Then, when I met the boyfriend (who is now my husband btw, I know, crazy, right!?) my view changed again. Early into our relationship, we had the kids talk and were both sure we wanted to have children together. One day.

That day came sooner than I thought though. One day it just hit me out of the blue. Suddenly, the world was full of pregnant women and young mothers with babies. And I wanted nothing more than being one of them. Immediately. I had no idea where that utter wish to have a baby suddenly came from. But it was there, not willing to leave me alone anytime soon. Of course, I talked to the boyfriend about it who wasn’t as enthusiastic as me about the idea of having a baby. Not just yet. But over time, he grew more and more fond of the idea and so one day in June we just decided to go for it. 2 months later I peed on a stick and a magical pink line appeared. I remember that day like it was yesterday. How we were standing in the bathroom looking at that piece of plastic in disbelief. It was one of the happiest days of my life, only to be topped by the day we said “yes” to each other and the moment we heard the first scream of our daughter.

And now here I am, writing a new blog post while our cute little baby (who is actually not that little anymore, they’re growing so fast!) is peacefully sleeping next to me. Oh wait, did I say peacefully? Of course, she just woke up screaming at that very moment I wrote the word “peacefully” down. No kidding! So, I gotta go for now. But I promise I’ll be back soon. I’m not sure how often I’ll actually be able to post something because it’s not entirely up to me anymore how I spend my time. But I promise it won’t be another year. And I also promise it won’t just be all about babies from now on. Because I’m still me. Even though being a Mom is making up most of my days now, I’m more than that. I’m still a dreamer, a traveller, a music lover and so much more. My life is still an adventure, probably more than ever. So I hope you’re staying around.


I have never… been to Lille



So, I’m back from my little concert trip to France. I’ve actually been back for a couple of days, but I needed time to process what happened before I felt like I was ready to write about it. I know I’m making this sound overly dramatic. Probably because it was for me at the time it happened. But I guess that’s what happens when you travel. You experience an adventure, the unexpected and it’s not always pleasant. Before you’re starting to speculate what exactly happened to me last weekend, here’s the story (and a little more on the city of Lille, of course):

I started off in Frankfurt last Friday with 2 friends. We got on the TGV, the French high-speed train, and made ourselves comfortable. The 4-hour-ride to Paris went smoothly even though I’d already spent more than 7 hours on a train the previous day for a business trip to Munich and I wasn’t really in the mood for another long ride. So anyway, everything went fine. Until we got off the train in Paris – and I couldn’t find my suitcase in the rack I’d put it in. At first I thought I was just confused and had put it somewhere else. Or that someone had moved it to get out his own suitcase. But one passenger after the other left the train and in the end there was just one other suitcase left. A black one. A Samsonite. Just like mine. There was no doubt that someone had taken my luggage and left me theirs. I had no idea if it had just happened, here, in Paris. Or somewhere on the way. At first I was hoping that person would realize their mistake and return my stuff while we were still there. But noone showed up when we were looking for the train staff (which took ages to even find someone, let alone someone who spoke English). Or when we were trying to explain our problem in our broken French (“You have a suitcase, where’s your problem?”). Or when we went to the information desk to ask for help. Or to the Lost & Found where they were not happy at all we were showing up so close to closing hours (not speaking French, how dare we! And trying to leave a German phone number which of course is impossible to dial in France!).

It was pretty clear my suitcase probably wasn’t going to show up soon. And we had a train to Lille to catch in a few minutes and still had to make our way to Paris North from the Paris East station. For a minute, I was considering to wait and just catch a different train. But I didn’t want to stay behind on my own. As long as I wasn’t alone I was able to fight the tears that were piling up behind my eyes. And I could still buy the bare necessities the next day, so it wasn’t the end of the world. Even if my suitcase would never show up again. And then it hit me. In the streets of Paris. My concert ticket was in the suitcase. And the concert was sold out. This was the only reason I went on that bloody trip and now I probably wouldn’t even be able to experience that freaking concert. I guess you can imagine my devastation. Now tears were literally knocking on my eyelids. But I didn’t cry. We made that train, I sat down and just wished for that whole nightmare to be over already. I just wanted to get to the hotel and sleep and hope for a brighter day. Then, on the way to the hotel, I noticed a missed phone call. And a message. Both from an unknown number. It was the people that had taken my suitcase! I called the number and we agreed to meet in Paris again the next day, so I could get my stuff back. I would’ve preferred to spend the day sight-seeing or just hanging around at the hotel, but I’d be able to go to the concert and that was all I wanted.

So the next day after breakfast, I bought a train ticket back to Paris and hopped on a train. I was a little shocked at the price of more than 80€ for a 2-hour return-ride. But I was hoping the person who took my luggage would have enough decency to offer to at least cover part of my costs since it absolutely wasn’t my fault. Boy, was I wrong! At first the guy seemed nice. An elderly French man. We chatted for a bit. He gave me my suitcase back (with the ticket in it, I checked). Then I told him about the hassle I’d had to come back to Paris just to pick up my suitcase someone else had mixed up. And how much money it had cost me. At first, he pretended he didn’t get what my problem was. Then he told me a stupid story how his 5-year-old nephew had taken my suitcase. And when I asked who was with the child, who’d actually taken my luggage since a young child certainly wouldn’t have been able to carry my suitcase and wasn’t travelling alone, he said he didn’t know. He also didn’t forget to tell me how he’d also had to make some effort to give me back my stuff. How he’d had to drive to Paris, to pay at the Lost & Found to get his suitcase back and how expensive it was to park his car at the station. That’s the point where I got really angry. I’m usually nice and polite to strangers, but when there’s one thing I absolutely hate it’s injustice. I was getting loud, trying to explain to the guy how absolutely he was in the wrong here. But if someone wants to be a dick, there’s no changing that. As a goodbye, he told me I should be happy about how lucky I’d been to get my suitcase back. And if I felt like he’d done me wrong I could go to the police. Merci beaucoup!

I just walked away while he was still talking to me. I sat down on a bench and suddenly, there was no holding back. I sat in the middle of a station in Paris with tears streaming down my face. And I didn’t care what the people around me were thinking. I just want to let it all out right there at that moment. I had to wait 2 hours until the next train would go back to Lille and all I did was sit there. That’s the moment I turned to my beloved “This is War” album from 30 Seconds to Mars (the band I was going to see that night) again. That album which had accompanied me for more than a year on an almost daily basis. Through some difficult moments (see my previous post for more on that). I actually can’t remember for how long I hadn’t listened to that album. Or to any Mars album. But in that moment, it was exactly what I needed. It instantly made me feel a little better. When I was back at the hotel, I wasn’t really feeling in the mood for a concert. But the people I was with quickly helped me to forget about all that shit that had happened. And when I stood in the back of the concert venue that night, I was hooked again. I jumped around like a maniac and sang my heart out. I let all my bad feelings go. The band was probably in the best mood I’d ever seen them. They had fun. They wanted to be there on that stage playing music. And while I still don’t dig the new songs, I had a great, great time that night and enjoyed every minute of it. So much so, that I’m actually looking into where I want to see them next. Some time in summer maybe.

The next day, there was finally time to have a look around the city. It was a beautiful day, sunny, blue sky. And while there isn’t that much sightseeing to do in Lille, I enjoyed walking around. My experiences with French people might not have been the best, but I love French cities. The old buildings, not one looking like the other. The whole atmosphere. The food. So, to end this post on a little more cheerful note, here are some impressions from Lille. This trip certainly wasn’t the usual. I could’ve done without some of the things that happened, but I’m still glad I came along for some fun time with my friends. I can’t wait for the next adventure, but this time I’ll make sure to keep an eye on my luggage.


An urban adventure


This winter has been pretty mild so far, temperatures have rarely dropped under 0 and there have even been amazingly sunny days with blue skies. On these days, I’m trying to go outside, to expose myself to as much sunlight as I can. I love to be in the nature, even in winter which definitely isn’t my favourite season of the year (except if there’s snow and I’m close to a slope), and one great thing about Frankfurt is that you can access green spaces pretty easily. Even right inside the city. From time to time I like to go on little adventures (as I call them) with the boyfriend to explore a new part of the city or its surroundings. It’s always so much fun because you never know where you might end up and what you might discover. Who says you can only explore foreign territory when abroad? The adventure is right in front of our doorstep really!

Since we’d spent most of Christmas inside eating and resting our full bodies I was craving to go outside and a few days after the holidays we woke up to a pretty, sunshiny day. So off we went into another urban adventure. We started in a little park on a hill in a residential area which gave us a nice view of the outskirts of the city.

DSC02844The park led to an area full of little gardens (called Schrebergarten) which I believe is a particular German thing. People who don’t have a garden behind their house (which is a pretty rare thing to have in a city like Frankfurt) can rent a little garden space where they can plant flowers, fruits and veggies. Usually, you can also find a little hut in front of which people like to gather for barbecues in summer. One day I’d love to rent a Schrebergarten of my own, but I heard it’s pretty hard to get one since they’re quite popular. Sigh!

DSC02849The path led us next to a little creek and then suddenly we stood in front of a huge bridge. We could see the highway further behind, but it seemed like this particular bridge wasn’t in use anymore or had never been. Curious as I am I needed to go up there. Once we got to the peak we saw that there was no road leading to or from the bridge. It was just a bridge with no connection. I thought this was a pretty cool playground for kids to ride bikes or skates, even though it might not be the safest place with fast cars passing by. However, we had an awesome view over the gardens and the whole area from up there, a pretty cool find!

DSC02855DSC02856DSC02858Behind the bridge we got to another area full of little gardens. Since it had been raining quite a lot the past days, the path got pretty muddy. But it was kinda fun trying to find a way through all the dirt and not getting stuck in it. And we made even more interesting discoveries. There was a little lake. The headquarters of an infamous motorcycle club (we found out about that later). And lots of horses looking at us curiously.


It definitely was a fun couple of hours outside and I can’t wait to go on the next adventure. Who knows what we’re gonna find then.

Have you ever been on an adventure in your city? What did you discover?





Now that things slowly seem to go off with the band (or so I hope), I’ve been thinking a lot about how I actually got here. Why I decided to do something I had never done before. Something I had never even thought, let alone dreamed of before. The answer is this: because I was searching for something. For a way to be myself. Truly, 100% myself. Because that’s exactly how I feel when I’m singing my songs. These are the moments when I feel completely connected with myself. At peace. I’ve found a way to express my thoughts and feelings (and there are A LOT) to the world. And that’s all what I was looking for. All this time.

There were times when I’d forgotten about all that, when that longing feeling was asleep inside of me. When I thought I could just lead a simple life with a safe job, go to work everyday and just do what I’m told and to be who others expect me to be. But then there were those times when I realized I wasn’t made for this kind of life. I ultimately ran away to Japan to escape from a life that was slowly suffocating me. I got a big step closer to understanding who I really am, who I want to be. But then I got back and after a while I found my life being the same old, same old. Maybe I didn’t have the strength to search for something different at the time. Maybe I just forgot about it. But that well-known feeling slowly kept creeping back into my heart. It got so strong that I wasn’t able to ignore it anymore. And I couldn’t be happier about it.

I mean there was a lot of fighting, energy, fear and desperation involved. It was a process that in the end rewarded me with an epiphany. One day, I just knew what I wanted to do. And that’s where the hard part started. In fact, I’m still in the middle of it. When I decided to commit myself to the idea of making music, I didn’t know what was waiting for me. But that was exactly the exciting thing about it. Never did I expect to find a person to share my dream with me. And never ever did I expect to fall in love with said person. I didn’t plan on those things. But when they happened I knew that was exactly the way things were supposed to happen. When I first had this idea, I had a vision of how things might be like one day. And so far I can say that everything pretty much turned out the way I wanted. Of course, there were hard times and pitfalls and setbacks. Plenty. But I think they were necessary to get to where we are now. Because they taught us things, they made us fight for our dream. And that’s how things will probably continue for a while. With every step we take.

I know I’m just at the beginning here. There are still too many situations in my life where I can’t show my true self. Where I’m pressed into some role I’m just too used to play. It’s like an automatism. There are times where I can take it. And there are times where it’s almost killing me to the point that I just want to give in and go back to the way it used to be. Of course, this is not gonna happen. I’m working on it. I haven’t completely figured out how just yet. But I’m working on it.

So I guess what I’m trying to say here is: If you ever get that strange longing feeling and you don’t know exactly you’re yearning for. Don’t ignore it! Accept it. Take it as a chance to explore what your life is really about, what YOU are really about. You owe it to yourself!

1 year in Maybeland


Today “Exploring Maybeland” celebrates its first anniversary! Can you believe it? On the one hand I feel like this year has gone by super fast. And on the other, so many amazing and crazy things have happened that it almost seems like a decade to me. I remember exactly how I felt when I wrote my first post in here. I knew that I was about to embark on an interesting journey. And this blog was supposed to document my adventures – for me and for others. And while I wish I would have written more and especially on a more regular basis, I feel like it worked quite well. By thinking things through  that happen in my life and putting them down here, I feel that I’ve come to understand myself a lot better. I’m finally seeing why I feel certain things, why I am the way I am. It also gives me a clearer image of who I want to be. And this is something I can work on every single day. A year ago, I never thought my life would turn out the way it has. It’s become so much more fulfilling and that was exactly what I was looking for. It certainly has become more of a challenge, too, and again – this is what I had been looking for.

Of course, my blog would be nothing without you, my dear readers! I know I’ve said it before, but it still seems unbelievable to me that there are people out there who come to Maybeland on a regular basis. And I am so grateful for this! So THANK YOU! I’ve found so many other inspiring people and bloggers through this blog. And that’s amazing! I think that’s what blogging is truly about. It’s about connecting with other people. People you wouldn’t just be able to meet in the streets. It’s about getting inspiration from others and turning it into something productive. And that’s something I’d like to see increase in the 2nd year of Maybeland. I want this to be a place where people not only read, but share their experiences and discuss them. Don’t be shy! I will try my best to keep this place alive and interesting for you.

So here’s to year 1 in Maybeland. I can’t wait to see what year 2 has to offer. All I know is that it’s gonna continue to be an amazing journey!

I have never… been on a mission


Wow, I just came back from a really amazing weekend! Which was related to my favourite band (30 Seconds to Mars). To the lead singer (Jared Leto) to be exact. If you’re a regular reader of my blog, you probably know about my passion for this band by now. And how much their music and their messages have influenced my life. It might sound cheesy and you don’t have to understand it, but I know that I definitely wouldn’t be doing what I am doing now, with my music and everything, if it wasn’t for them. I wouldn’t have had the guts to just do my thing no matter what other people think about it. They showed me a completely different mindset, a whole new universe – and I know that this has happened to a lot of people.

So, a while ago I was talking to a friend who is a painter and designs amazing t-shirts which are inspired by Mars’ music and we came up with the idea that we want to give the guys something back. A piece of our art. As a thank you to show them how inspiring their work is for us. I do know that they get a lot of gifts from people, but somehow it felt important to me. It’s my only way to express my gratitude. Then a couple of weeks ago we found out that Jared would attend the UNESCO charity gala in DĂĽsseldorf. At first we were joking about how we’d go there and give him a CD and a shirt. Then a discussion on the band’s forum came up about how much fun it would be to go there and have a little meet-up and to just see what happens. And so this Saturday I found myself in DĂĽsseldorf with my friend and a girl from the board who had come over from Brussels. The trip would have been well worth it just to hang out with these great people. But it got even better.

When we arrived at the hotel where the gala was taking place in the afternoon, we just walked in and positioned ourselves right by the red carpet and even saw some semi-famous German people walking past. But of course we got sent outside after a while because we didn’t have a room at the hotel. I was almost convinced that now we wouldn’t have a chance to get anywhere near Jared. But surprisingly there was only a small crowd of maybe 40 people waiting outside. Most of them were Mars fans of course. The amount of fangirls and weirdos seemed to be really small luckily, but still waiting wasn’t too much fun since the German weather had suddenly decided to skip autumn and move straight on to winter. I somehow managed to shove myself right in front of the barrier, so I was in the best possible position to hand over my gift. Me and the guys really put some effort into making a proper demo of 3 of our songs. We spent the whole previous weekend recording and the guys were really enthusiastic about it, so I felt I owed it to them to get this done.

My excitement grew a lot when the first cars were arriving and people I had a hard time recognizing or didn’t know at all were walking past us on the red carpet. When the sun went down it got really cold and I couldn’t stop shivering. My hands were really stiff from the cold because I was clinging to my CD and my friend’s shirt. But then Jared finally arrived. Some people were going a little crazy, ran straight towards him and surrounded him while he made his way through the crowd. I know that he must be used to this, but I couldn’t help but feel a little sorry for him. And I was worried he’d get pissed off by those rude people and just run inside. But he’s Jared after all, so he didn’t. He patiently signed stuff, took photos and chatted to people. He made sure that everybody got their chance. It was amazing! And then he was suddenly standing in front of me. I thought I would be completely nervous, not being able to utter a sound, but he’s a human after all. So I gave him my CD and the shirt and said a couple of words about it which he probably didn’t listen to. He said: Wunderbar! and moved on. And I was beyond happy! I really did it!

I have no idea what happened to that CD. He might never listen to it or read the message I included. But then again it doesn’t matter. I took a chance and that feels awesome. I even managed for my CD to be shown on TV without showing my face ;). I made memories that day. And that’s all that counts.