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Luminale in Frankfurt


As I promised a while ago, I wanted to make a special post for the final day of March’s photo challenge. I do realize it’s May already and to be honest I have no idea how we got there. But since I still wanted to share the pictures I (and to be precise, the boyfriend as well) took on that day, here you go!

The task of the day was to take 9 pictures throughout the day. I actually intended to document my day, but since it was a working day, there actually wouldn’t have been many interesting things to show. And to be honest, while working I just forgot about it. BUT! I had planned something special for that evening, so I decided to document that instead. And thanks to the boyfriend’s new DSLR we took some amazing pictures. We went to Luminale which is a “light festival” in Frankfurt meaning there are light installations all around the city. It’s a lot of fun to wander around and explore all the different sites, but there are far too many to see them all. This year, we went to Palmengarten, a botanical garden, and went for a stroll. It was a beautiful spring day which made it the perfect evening activity. I hope you enjoy the pictures. And make sure to visit Luminale if you’re ever in town when it’s on!










March Photo Challenge: Week 4


I did it! I finished my first photo challenge! I’m aware that I’m awfully late with this since we’re already way into April. I’ve just returned from a business trip to London which was exciting, but also very exhausting since it required loads of work beforehand and I worked from early in the morning until late in the evening and only had half a day of the weekend. I have lots of ideas for posts I want to share and I really hope I’ll get the time to write them down soon when things have hopefully calmed down a bit. But before that, I finally wanted to share my pics of the final March week with you.

I have to admit that I had some trouble with the theme of that week which was “night”. I don’t stay up very late during the week, so I probably went to bed when it was still “evening” for most of people. And of course, I didn’t do very exciting things before I went to bed. Nevertheless, I tried to cover the topic as best as I could.

Day 22

DSC_0720As I mentioned before, Saturday is usually the only day of the week we cook proper dinner. And what would dinner be without a nice glass of red wine? I’m not the greatest fan of wine to be honest. As a German, I prefer beer of course. But from time to time it’s quite nice. And since I’m not used to drinking that much wine it goes straight to my head. We had a very fun night with that bottle of red! 😉

Day 23

IMG_0061 Here’s a pic I took of a little fellow that lives with us. His name is Emil, he’s a broccoli and he accompanies us on all of our travels. (Yes, we are a little crazy, but who cares really.) At least he did until last weekend. When I forgot him in the hotel in London. That’s what happens when you have to get up at 5:30 in the morning. I’m currently trying to get the hotel to send him to me. I know it’s only a toy, but I’d still be very sad if he didn’t return. Poor littly guy!

Day 24

IMG-20140216-WA0003I didn’t do much on Monday night except lying on the couch. I realize the photo is not taken during the night, but still I thought I’d share a picture of our beautiful living room because that’s where I spent that night. Nice, isn’t it?

Day 25

IMG_0064Here’s a pic the boyfriend took from our balcony. He recently bought a DSLR and likes to take photos all around the house. This is the skyline of Frankfurt. I’m not sure until how long we’re gonna be able to enjoy this view since there are currently buildings being built around us. I really hope they won’t block our view because I really love it!

Day 26

DSC_0725Wednesday marked the day we finally went back to the rehearsal room. After a break of almost 3 months. Horrible, I know! But the move and our jobs didn’t leave much time for anything else. The result was pretty horrible as well. I’d originally planned to take a pic while we were still “at work” and didn’t remember until I found that guitar pick in my pocket. Oh well.

Day 27

DSC_0727On Thursday, we started something new together. As part of our resolution to go out more often again, we’ve decided to take each other on surprise dates. Every week one of us gets to choose what we do that evening. On our first date, the boyfriend took me to this awesome bar which is located in an old slaughterhouse. It was a pretty interesting location and I really loved to spend time with the boyfriend outside of our home.

Day 28


We stayed in on Friday because we were pretty tired from the busy week. So here’s yet another picture of our new neighbourhood. Are you bored yet?

Day 29

DSC_0730That day’s challenge was to take a picture of our favourite time of day. On the weekends I basically like all times of the day. But since the boyfriend had to work that day, my favourite time was when he came home in the evening. It had been a warm, sunny day, so we grabbed a beer and sat down by the basin looking on the river. Simply perfect!

Day 30

DSC_0731That day’s topic: Favourite moment of the day. Since the weather was absolutely amazing again, we decided to go on a little trip with my sister and her boyfriend. We drove to this nice beergarden in the countryside and decided to go on a little hike. It was supposed to take about an hour, but because we suck at reading maps and followed the wrong sign, we ended up walking around for 2+ hours (and I was already hungry before we left). I was never looking forward to a cold beer and some nice food as much as when we finally got back to the beergarden.

For the last day of March I have a special post coming up. So stay tuned!

March Photo Challenge: Week 3


Last week has been a fun, but busy one. I went to not one, but two concerts (which makes 3 shows in just 6 days if I count in the one I went to the week before). While I was absolutely knackered by the middle of the week, I enjoyed going out during the week a lot. So much so that we’ve decided to finally break our couch and TV routine of the last weeks and do more fun stuff again. I really like spending time in our beautiful new apartment, but lately we’ve been acting more like retirees than people in their late 20s/early 30s. I hope I’ll be able to present you some of the fun things we’re going to do this week in my next edition of the March Photo Challenge. In the meanwhile, here are my pictures I took during last week’s evenings.

Day 15

DSC_0705Saturday is usually the only day of the week that we cook something. We both have lunch at work and stick to the good old “Abendbrot” (which basically consists of sandwiches, literally it means “evening bread”) during the week. I’d wanted to try a recipe called Mapo Tofu ever since I read about it on Chronicles of Yoyo (thanks, Yolande, for introducing me to this delicious dish). I’m not the best cook and I had to improvise a little because I couldn’t find all the ingredients, but this was one of the tastiest things I’ve ever eaten. My stomach really hurt because I couldn’t stop eating. Yum!

Day 16

DSC_0724One thing I really, really want to do this year is go back to Japan for a holiday in autumn. I have no idea if we’ll actually go (mainly because of financial reasons), but since I love nothing more than travel planning, I bought a Lonely Planet and have started to read through it. I’m trying to not get too excited about all the things I’d love to see and do, but there’s nothing wrong about dreaming a little, right?

Day 17

DSC_0707On Monday evening I was taking the train back home as usual. I always have my iPod plugged in because I like to shut myself off from my fellow passengers and sometimes, like that day, I’m also reading at the same time. As I was sitting there absorbed in my book I noticed that the train had reached the only point on the journey where it travels overground. It’s only for a few seconds, but it’s always the sign for me that I’m only 1 stop from where I have to get off. I was still reading in my book when suddenly I noticed that the train had stopped. At a train station. Overground. I turned around and noticed that I was the only person still on the train. Hastily, I picked up my stuff and jumped out of the train. So I had taken the wrong one even though this line never stops at the track my trains depart from. I can take any train from that track, so I usually don’t pay attention to where exactly it’s going (I definitely will from now on). So there I was, stuck in the wrong station and the next train back wouldn’t leave until 25 minutes later. It was already after 7, so I wouldn’t be home until 8. Bummer! I called the boyfriend and kindly asked him if he could pick me up knowing that it would only take him 15 minutes max to get there. He wasn’t amused, but he jumped right into the car. While I was waiting outside, I took a picture. There’s not much to see, but after all that hassle I couldn’t really be bothered to come up with something more interesting.

Day 18

DSC_0710 On Tuesday, I went to see Casper, a German rapper, with my sister. The ticket was a birthday gift from her. It was really nice to do something with my sister. Even though we live close the each other, we only meet up every couple of weeks because we’re both busy people. The concert was awesome! I usually don’t listen to hip hop anymore. I used to back in the 90s when good German hip hop was actually a thing. Casper really is an exception these days and he put on a great show. I was really exhausted from all the jumping around.

Day 19

On Wednesday evening I went to a concert again. This time it was You Me At Six. I’d already seen them play in support of 30 Seconds to Mars last autumn and was really looking forward to seeing them do a headline show. The venue was probably the tiniest I’ve ever been to. I didn’t even see the stage at first, that’s how tiny it was. The vibe there was great and both the band and the crowd were in a great mood. My favourite moment was probably when lead singer Josh decided to jump on the bar and suddenly stood right in front of me. He then jumped into the crowd and let us carry him back to the stage. It was a bit risky considering there were only a few hundred people there and it wasn’t exactly crowded. But luckily, he got out of there safely.

Day 20

DSC_0718After all the action I had the days before, I was absolutely exhausted on Thursday. I didn’t do much else than lying around on the couch that evening. But when I went home from work I took a picture of the sky which had a nice pattern from the airplanes that had crossed it moments before.

Day 21

DSC_0719Friday is grocery shopping day for us. We used to do it on Saturdays, but since it always takes up so much time and we want to do greater things on our weekends, we decided to change that routine. Here’s a look at our not so healthy purchase. We still had plenty of vegetables and fruit at home which is why we didn’t buy any. Usually, it’s really not that bad.

March Photo Challenge: Week 2


Another busy week has come to an end. I can’t believe we’re already 2 weeks into March. Again time is flying! Last week’s theme for the photo challenge was “noon/midday”. Here are the photos I took.

Day 8

DSC_0678Saturday brought the most amazing spring weather! It was so warm, I was acutally able to wear a t-shirt. In early march! Truly amazing! Up until then I was still wearing my winter coat and suddenly I didn’t even need to wear a light jacket. Of course, I had to go outside and enjoy the sun. The boyfriend had to work, so I met up with my sister and her boyfriend. We went down to the river and sat down for a little bit. It was so great to feel the sun on my skin and to just sit there and do some people watching.

Day 9

DSC_0682On Sunday, the weather was amazing again. We had our first breakfast on the balcony. Then we wanted to do something outside again. Originally we wanted to go to a little hill area with a park and a beer garden, but it was absolutely impossible to find a place to park the car. That’s what happens when the sun suddenly comes out. Everybody comes crawling out of their holes. We had no choice but to go back home. My sister and her boyfriend came over and we decided to finally check out that cafe-bar-concert venue thingy just around the corner from our place. They have a nice beer garden outside – the perfect thing to do on a beautiful spring day. There was a concert going on which made it even better. After we’d waited for ages for a beer and a sausage (we actually got the last few sausages before they ran out of them), we sat down on one of the benches and enjoyed that beautiful afternoon. I have a feeling that I’m gonna become a regular at that place.

Day 10

DSC_0693My noons at work aren’t very exciting. Most of the time I’m having lunch in the office with my colleagues which doesn’t make for an interesting picture. So I decided to share some things that were on my mind during my lunch breaks. On Monday, I started a new read. I’m a huge fan of Haruki Murakami and I’ve wanted to read this book for a long time. I’ve started to use my commute to read in it everyday and so far I absolutely love it. Sometimes I wish my train ride was a little bit longer.

Day 11

DSC_0692Tuesday marked the 3-year anniversary of the Fukushima catastrophe. A tragedy that hit close to home since I’d only returned back to Germany from Japan just a year before it happened and the country still felt like a second home to me. I remember exactly where I was and what I did when I learned about the earthquake, the tsunami and the following nuclear catastrophe. I spent hours and hours worrying about my friends living in Japan until I heard that everyone was doing fine. Even 3 years after the desaster many people are still suffering from the consequences and my thoughts were with these people that day.

Day 12

DSC_0689On Wednesday, I had to go to Cologne for a meeting. It was a nice change from the usual. When I stepped outside the central station, the huge cathedral was shining in the sun. I just had to take a picture of it. Beautiful, isn’t it?

Day 13

Since nothing spectacular happened on Thursday (and to be honest, I just forgot to take a picture), I have to cheat a little and share another picture I took in Cologne. When I was walking through the pedestrian area, I saw this guy walking in front of me. He was selling 2 jokes for just 1€. A real bargain I’d say! 😉

Day 14

DSC_0694All I could think about on Friday was the Frank Turner concert I was going to that night. I’d already wanted to see Frank last year, but couldn’t make it. I’d heard so many good things about his shows, so I was very excited to finally see him. And I’ll say this much: I wasn’t disappointed.

March Photo Challenge: Week 1


So I have, once again, decided to take part in a photo challenge created by the lovely Liz from Be.Love.Live. Almost a year ago (in April 2013) I had my first attempt at taking a photo every day around a specific word, but I didn’t quite make it until the end. It’s actually a fun thing to do and I’ve really wanted to give it another try and actually reach the finish line, so when I stumbled over the challenge for this month I just decided it was time. Maybe because this time it seems to be fairly easy because it’s simply set around certain times of day (this week it’s “morning”) which is fairly easy for my old brain to remember. What spoke to me even more however is the fact that the thought behind all this is to focus on the ordinary moments in life and see something special in it. I feel that’s exactly what I need right now. My life is crazily busy and has been for most of this year. My job is very demanding at the moment which is fun and great in a way, but some days it also makes my head spinning. This week is actually the first one in I don’t know how long that I’m not travelling somewhere (but only due to unforeseen circumstances which you’ll learn more about on one of the pictures below) and this is going to continue at least until after Easter. And since we’re also still settling into our new apartment trying to get everything done, I haven’t had much time for all the things I really love. Especially music. I’ve tried and it dissatisfies me to no end, but I also need to pace myself so I have enough energy for everything that needs to be done. So let’s start with the first few little moments I enjoyed during the past mornings.

Day 1

DSC_0664Last week we went to Ikea to get some stuff for the apartment and as always when you go to Ikea you come back with loads of stuff you didn’t plan on getting. Among other things we came back with some herb seeds and a box to plant them in. When I checked the box on Saturday morning I saw these little fellas looking through the soil. That was pretty fast!

Day 2

IMG-20140306-WA0001The weekend is the only time of the week we’re getting to enjoy breakfast together. Since I’m not an early bird and I now have a longer commute to work I usually only have time to gulp down some coffee before I have to leave the house during the week. So I’m always looking forward to a proper breakfast on the weekends. Yumyum!

Day 3

DSC_0669On Monday, I found out that Jared Leto actually won an Oscar for his role in Dallas Buyers Club! How amazing is that! I never really doubted he’d get it, but actually seeing him being rewarded for his talent, his commitment and his passion put a huge smile on my face. And when I watched his acceptance speech, I couldn’t help but get a bit teary-eyed. No matter how critical I have become of the path his band has been walking down lately, I have utter respect and admiration for this guy!

Day 4

DSC_0672There’s no doubt that spring is right around the corner now! And Tuesday proved this with the most beautiful sunny springtime weather. I have no idea why I was still wearing my winter coat (well, it was still pretty cold in the morning). It was so nice to hear the birds chirp and just feel the sunrays on my skin. I can’t wait for spring to finally fully arrive and I hope it’s soon.

Day 5

DSC_0674On my way to work there is a building which is currently being pulled down. When I walked past there on Wednesday, I saw a bunch of people (like this guy on the left) watching the deconstruction like little children. This really made me smile!

Day 6

DSC_0675Yesterday morning I was supposed to go to Munich to attend a workshop together with one of my clients. Thanks to Deutsche Bahn we never made it. There were huge delays of at least 100 minutes, so we definitely wouldn’t have made it on time. And since the train staff at the station said the delay would probably increase, we decided not to go. I had been waiting in a freezing cold station with shoes that aren’t exactly winterproof for over an hour, so I felt like an icicle. I actually forgot to take a pic during all the chaos and confusion, so I’ll just leave you with my poor little frozen feet.

Day 7

TattooExactly 2 months from today I’m gonna do something special. I’ll get a tattoo! For the first time in my life. I only made the appointment 2 weeks ago, so the thought of getting something permanently inked on my skin is still a little breathtaking. On the other hand I can’t wait for the day to finally arrive. And that was all I could think about this morning. Here’s a little peek on what I’m planning to get. What do you say?

April photo a day: Week 1


If you’re active in the blogging scene, you might know about Photo a day challenges. The task is pretty simple: Someone comes up with key words for each day of the month and you try to take a picture that corresponds with said key word. While I love looking at other people’s pictures, I have never taken part in such a challenge – until now. Again, it was Liz from belovelive who came up with a lovely list on her blog, so I decided to give it a try. What spoke to me most was the overall theme of the month: Life! Since the past month has been somewhat dark and challenging for me, especially with winter still holding us in its freezing grip, I feel like April is a new beginning. Brighter and longer days, plenty of adventures ahead. It’s a time to live life to the fullest. And focussing on something positive to capture everyday is exactly what I need right now. I’ve decided to post my pics weekly, so here is my first week in photos. Enjoy!

Day 1: (new beginning)


As I said, April is a new beginning. And possibilities are endless. Just like the beautiful sky that presented itself to me on the way home from our Easter trip to London.

Day 2: breathe


The river is a place I like to go to when I need a moment to breathe. Luckily, I both live and work close to it. This pic was taken on my walk home from work.

Day 3: wisdom


Atlas shrugged by Ayn Rand is a book that is full of wisdom for me. Just look at that quote! It’s also a book I’ve been reading for almost 10 months. I intend to finish it. Soon.

Day 4: simple


The lunch I had that day might look simple, but it’s full of deliciousness. If you’ve never tried the Japanese specialty that is onigiri, do it. I basically lived on onigiri during my time in Japan. Yum!

Day 5: wild


This summer is gonna be wild, I’m tellin’ ya! This week I received tickets for yet another music festival. It’s quite a nice pile of fun, isn’t it. And there’s more to come for sure. Poor wallet! 😉

Day 6: chaos


Since the boyfriend was out of town for a gig with his other band, I decided to go shopping. It took me exactly 30 minutes to spend 150 Euro. It was fun though. And made for a colourful chaos on my bed.

Day 7: confusing


Sunday was a beautiful, sunny day. Almost spring-like. Which meant we had to go outside for a walk by the river. And look what we found: A drowned bike. There were also several shopping carts in the water. Frankfurt is definitely full of surprises!